Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute has developed an anti-obesity nutraceutical from seaweeds.

The product namedCadalmin Antihypercholesterolemic extract (Cadalmin ACe) is a natural remedy for obesity and dyslipidemia.

CMFRI scientists prepared the extract from seaweeds which are commonly available in the Indian coastal waters and are known for its extraordinary medicinal properties.

Kajal Chakraborty, senior scientist in Marine Biotechnology, who developed the product said the product contains 100 per cent natural marine bio active ingredients from selected seaweeds by a patented technology and would be made available in 400 mg capsules.

Cadalmin Antihypercholesterolemic extract is the fourth in the series of the nutraceutical products developed by the CMFRI. Two anti-arthritic and one anti-diabetic nutraceutical products are the other three products developed by the institute in the past. All these technologies have been commercialized through pharmaceutical companies.

According to A Gopalakrishnan, CMFRI Director, the institute is in the process of developing more health products from the underutilized seaweeds and promoting seaweed farming all along the Indian coasts as a livelihood option for the coastal communities. This is expected to compensate for the dip in income for the fishermen during lean seasons.

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