Chandigarh-based IG Fresh Produce, a subsidiary of IG International, plans to invest ₹100 crore over the next five years in Arunachal Pradesh for the cultivation of exotic fruits such as kiwi.

The company has entered into an agreement with the Arunachal Pradesh Agricultural Marketing Board and farmers of Namshu village in West Kameng district in the State for this.

A statement said the undertaking within its purview would ensure cultivation, research and development, and post-harvest activities in a phased manner. The project will also generate employment (technical and non-technical) for 500 youths over a period of five years in the agri-horti sector. It said this will not only boost the production of kiwi in Arunachal Pradesh but also increase the sale and export of kiwi and other fruits from the region.

Quoting Gautam Jha, President of IG Fresh Produce Pvt Ltd, the statement said, “We at IG Fresh Produce are very confident of creating a natural lab for the cultivation, careful curation, research and development, and post-harvest treatment of the first-grade produce grown in the orchid paradise of India.”

The Arunachal Pradesh Agriculture Minister, Tage Taki, said this is a very big investment not only in terms of the financial value but also in the context of the trust shown towards Arunachal and its farmers.

Ensuring self-sufficiency

He said this project has the potential to make India into an independent nation when it comes to feeding top-notch kiwis to its fruit-loving population. The Arunachal Pradesh government will provide everything the farmers and IG Fresh Produce need to grow the best and most delicious fruits in the country, he said.