Indications are that India is on its way to post another record production in tea this calendar year.

“Tea Board has announced August production data, whichshows a six per cent increase in the country’s output over 2016 to total 167.98 mkg. North Indian output rose by five per cent to reach 148.16 mkg, while South Indian output increased by nine per cent to reach 19.82 mkg,” Rajesh Gupta, a compiler of the annual Global Tea Digest , told Business Line .

Cumulative production

Consequently, the cumulative production in the eight months has increased by 33.45 mkg or five per cent. “Our compilation shows that the production in the eight months rose to 766.72 mkg from 733.27 mkg,” said Gupta.

This means that India is continuing the tradition of posting record production year after year. If this trend continues, the country will end up with a production of 1,300 mkg against 1,267 mkg produced in 2016, according to industry observers.

The bulk of the increase has happened in South India where the production till August rose by 12 per cent to reach 156.39 mkg. North Indian output increased by three per cent to reach 610.33 mkg. Good rainfall has been instrumental in pushing up harvest in tea plantations across the country.

Assam continues to top India’s production table and in the eight months, the State produced 382.54 mkg, up two per cent over January-August 2016.

Darjeeling was trailing behind last year with production falling to 2.07 mkg from 5.63 mkg.