ReshaMandi, a digital ecosystem for natural fibre supply chain, has forayed into the skincare segment by making a substantial investment in Bengaluru-based skincare brand Healios Wound Solutions.

Healios has developed a formulae with silk protein – sericin and boasts an advanced product range by the brand name ‘SeriSkin’. The investment will allow Healios to expand its silk protein-based skincare range and market it to a wider audience looking for natural, sustainable and environment-friendly skincare products, ReshaMandi said in a statement. However, details of the investment were not disclosed.

Creating sustainable products

Mayank Tiwari, Founder & CEO, ReshaMandi, said, “We are trying to create a benchmark in the sericulture industry by delivering quality, fair pricing and sustainability. We understand that silk is beyond just luxurious garments and with technology, we can utilise silkworm waste and mulberry farm waste to create sustainable products. Together with Healios, we will be able to accelerate our commitment to building a zero-waste sericulture ecosystem. Their expertise and varied product portfolio make them a perfect fit for being our trusted partner.”

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Sericin is easily and effectively absorbed deep into the skin, obtaining optimal hydration levels, and promoting skin elasticity and resilience. Sericin has unique antioxidant, anti-ageing, moisture retention, and depigmentation properties, which makes it an ideal ingredient in any skincare line. Going forward, the SeriSkin range will be positioned as a silk protein-based premium product made of naturally-extracted sericin.

Dr Abhishek Vijaykumar, Founder, Healios Wound Solutions, and an industry leader who has experience in the field of plastic surgery, wound management, general surgery and medical science, commented on this association: “Reshamandi is an ideal investor for Healios who understands the silk supply chain and would also offer better returns to the farmers who used to discard sericin during the manufacture of fabrics. This investment from Reshamandi will allow us to further expand the line of products and reach a wider audience who are looking for natural, sustainable and environment friendly skin care products.”