Thanks to the fast evolving innovations in the ingredients and food industry, the food packaging industry is expected to touch $550 billion from the current level of $350 billion as companies focus on sustainable packaging.

Innovations such as plant-based meats and fruit-based vacuum-cooked products, drive the transformation of the food and packaging industry.

Despite the pandemic, India attracted ₹3,000 crore in foreign direct investment and exported $27 billion in food products in 2021, underscoring the sector’s potential.

Jitha KK, Joint Director, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, West Region (Mumbai) said FSSAI has transitioned from traditional enforcement to a self-compliance approach, prioritising a science-based foundation.

As the food industry evolves with innovations in ingredients and packaging, FSSAI plays a critical role in ensuring their safety, she said at the 17th edition of Food Ingredients (Fi India) and fifth edition of ProPak India by Informa Markets.

Food expos

The expo saw participation by over 1000 renowned brands and over 230 leading exhibitors, while ProPak India also saw the participation of 85 exhibitors and over 300 well-known brands.

FSSAI is committed to spreading awareness on science-driven approach, fostering a secure environment for innovative practices and upholding safety, trust and innovation in the food sector, she said.

Dr Nilesh Amritkar, President Designate, Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (India) and Managing Director, Envirocare Labs said spanning on topics from cooking’s future to innovative cereal products and plant protein competition, the commitment remains steadfast on ensuring safe, nutritious food for all.

Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, Informa Markets in India said food ingredients and food packaging industries are the backbone of the food cycle ensuring that consumers have access to safe, nutritious, and appealing food products.

Both industries are continuously evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers and regulatory requirements. The potential of these sectors is undeniable with agricultural and processed food exports soaring to a record-breaking $26 billion in FY23, he added.