The hiring slowdown across the country notwithstanding, Kolkata has been witnessing an upswing in the job market. According to professional networking platform,, during the first quarter of calendar year 2023, the portal witnessed a surge in Kolkata’s job market, with close to 25,000 fresh job opportunities registered, indicating a 38 per cent increase compared to the previous quarter. The platform recorded a new job post every 10 minutes, catering to various job roles such as telecalling, business development, accounts, HR, and more, said a press statement.

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Additionally, experienced close to a 40 per cent rise in job applications from January to May 2023, surpassing the figures from August to December 2022, with an average of six new job applications received per minute.

Alongside the notable increase in employers, has witnessed a surge in user registrations, with 2.25 lakh new individuals actively seeking employment opportunities. This signifies a growth rate of over 56 per cent compared to the August - December 2022 time period. The platform has been receiving close to six new job applications every minute, resulting in a total of 9.5 lakh applications. Notably, out of these applications, four lakh were from women who applied for various job categories such as HR, accounts, healthcare, and business development, emphasising a positive trend towards greater gender inclusivity in the job market, it said.

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