India has initiated an anti-dumping investigation into the alleged dumping of Vitamin C from China. Anti-dumping duties on imports to remove injury to the domestic industry may be recommended if dumping is established at the end of the investigation.

“On the basis of the duly substantiated written application by or on behalf of the domestic industry, and having satisfied itself, on the basis of the prima facie evidence submitted by the domestic industry, about dumping of the subject goods..... the Authority, hereby, initiates an investigation to determine the existence, degree and effect of any alleged dumping...,” said a notification from the Directorate-General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) on September 4.

The investigation has been initiated on the basis of a complaint by Bajaj Healthcare Ltd. “The applicant has alleged that material injury to the domestic industry is being caused due to dumped imports of subject goods from China and has requested for imposition of anti- dumping duty on the imports of the subject goods from China,” the notification said.

The product under consideration is Vitamin C in all its form such as ascorbic acid, L-Xyloascorbic Acid, 3-oxo L-Gulofuranolactone (enol form) and L-3-Ketothreohexuronic Acid Lactone, as described under entry number ‘867 of Merck Index’.

Vitamin-C is primarily used by the pharmaceutical companies for production of various medicines. The product has uses also in non- pharmaceutical industry.

The period of investigation for the present investigation is April 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020 (12 months). The injury investigation period will cover the periods April 1, 2016- March 31 2017; April 1,2017- March 31, 2018; April 1, 2018- March 31, 2019 and period of investigation.