Holoware Computers Pvt Ltd, a manufacturer of desktop computers, tablets, mini PCs, and workstations, has announced its foray into the laptop segment with the launch of its new laptops for the market.

The Chennai-headquartered company has unveiled 4 new laptops namely the Gizmos edu laptop for students, an executive laptop for working professionals, a Gizmos fiery laptop for gaming enthusiasts, and a Gizmos rugged laptop. It has also launched a rugged tablet for industrial-grade works.

These new series of laptops and tablets have been manufactured under the guidelines of Holoware’s R&D facility. These laptops and tablets will provide cutting-edge graphics, high-speed processing, and cooling solutions that deliver a unique gaming experience, according to a statement.

“As part of our business expansion strategy, we are very excited to enter into India’s laptop market. Holoware operates under the Atmanirbar Bharat with the mission of ‘Made for the World. Holoware operates its own research and development facility to focus on the computer hardware space, said Raghavendra Ganesh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Holoware is now planning to open 20 exclusive experience centers across India by the end of this financial year.

Started in 2020, the company manufactures and sells its IT products across India. It has more than 500 dealers across the country.