Apple halted App Store gambling ads after developers and App Store users expressed outrage online. The company increased the number of ads it displayed in its App Store earlier this week. 

Some users have witnessed gambling apps advertised up to 30 per cent of the time. A MacRumors reporter also confirmed Apple pausing gambling ads on Twitter. 

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According to an AppleInsider report, some app developers voiced concerns that the new App Store features gambling ads regularly. An Apple spokesperson confirmed AppleInsider, “We have paused ads related to gambling and a few other categories on App Store product pages.”

Apple’s July-September results revealed that the company is facing some economic headwinds. Its fourth fiscal quarter revenue rose 8 per cent from last year’s $90.1 billion. But, the sales of Apple’s products dipped. According to reports, its stock sank nearly 20 per cent in 2022.

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