YouTube is offering a 12-month free subscription to Premium users who have been members for more than six years.

As per a 9to5 Google report, YouTube Premium subscribers for 2,222 days or 3,199,680 minutes receive a notification from a company saying it’s time to celebrate and notifying them about the 12-month free subscription offer. The YouTube Premium service provides access to YouTube Music and an ad-free experience. It will also support background play.

According to reports, YouTube introduced its subscription service in late 2015 and rebranded it as YouTube Premium in 2018. Do you want to know if you are eligible for a year free subscription? Here is what you need to do.

How to check the start date of your YouTube Premium subscription?
  • Open the YouTube app on your smartphone.
  • Click on the profile picture available in the top right corner of the app.
  • Go to the YouTube Premium benefits category.
  • You will have the ‘Member Since’ option, providing the exact date of becoming a YouTube Premium member.
  • If your total period since the subscription is more than six years, you will be eligible for the 12-month free subscription offer.
YouTube Premium plans in India
YouTube Premium plans

YouTube Premium plans

The basic one-month YouTube Premium plan costs ₹139 without auto-renewal and ₹129 (with auto-renewal and free access for a month). However, users may cancel the membership at any time. The quarterly subscription is available at ₹399 and the yearly subscription is ₹1,290.