ABB India Ltd.’s shares were up by 0.22 per cent after the company in partnership with SMS group, is set to deliver the electric powertrain system, encompassing medium-voltage (MV) motors and MV drives, for ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel’s upcoming hot strip mill in Hazira, Gujarat. This initiative is part of an extensive expansion of the site. The new mill, scheduled for operation in 2025, is anticipated to augment Hazira’s annual production capacity by approximately 5.5 million tons.

The hot strip mill is slated to convert hefty cast steel slabs into thin strips suitable for industrial use. ABB’s contribution includes the installation of 13 MV drives and 16 sizable MV motors, which will constitute the drivetrain for the crucial phases of the operation - the roughing mill and the finishing mill. The former initiates the reduction in thickness of steel slabs received at a temperature of around 1,240°C, while the latter, one of the largest of its kind, further refines the steel to its final thickness. In addition to the MV equipment, ABB will also supply 14 LV multidrives line-ups and 256 LV inverters to facilitate auxiliary services.

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A technical achievement for ABB has been the development of the gearless drive system for the roughing mill, enhancing control over the process while minimizing moving parts for heightened reliability. According to SMS group, the expansion of the Hazira plant is a pivotal project poised to facilitate the future adoption of carbon-neutral steel technology, presently in progress by ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel. 

The shares were up by 0.22 per cent to ₹4328.25 at 2.40 p.m. on the BSE.