FAO arm sees scope to augment tea consumption by youngsters

PS Sundar Coonoor | Updated on March 29, 2019 Published on March 29, 2019

The Inter Governmental Group (IGG) on Tea of the FAO has identified the scope to increase the consumption of tea among youngsters.

“Young people, representing a major and rapidly growing segment of the market, are continuously searching for personal experiences with fashionable products,” it has said in its position paper.

Detailing, it said, “This includes the integration of gourmet quality tea into their overall lifestyles. For some segments, tea has become a conspicuous form of consumption.”

On premium products, the IGG said, “Many enjoy speciality teas and show great interest in learning about a beverage that is consumed in the sophisticated environment of speciality teashops or exclusive restaurants, hotels and cafes.”

Across the continents, the retail market is keen to satisfy this preference of youngsters.

“The growing retail sector is catering for new preferences by offering a range of teas from different origins with a variety of flavours, often coming in unusual combinations and customised varieties,” the IGG study declared.

“Consumers and operators are engaged in a global revolution of tea culture including beverage-based foodservice concepts, new and healthier culinary options and a rise of ‘out-of-home’ consumption, driven by new major retail outlets,” it said.

On packaging, the study said, “Faster and more convenient ways of preparing tea are driven by new consumption gadgets and forms of packaging.”

Teabags are becoming outdated. “Numerous alternatives to the traditional teabag have been developed. Some alternatives, such as instant teas, are becoming increasingly customary. Alternatives to the classic teabag such as tea sachets or capsules are promoting consumption, further helped by the emergence of experimental teas and new flavours,” the IGG has documented.

Published on March 29, 2019
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