Only poor quality turmeric arrived for sale in Erode markets on Wednesday.

“The traders were unhappy over the poor quality in all the four markets. After the four-day closure of markets, the traders expected some good quality turmeric to arrive. But only 1,300 bags of poor quality turmeric came. The traders have purchased some limited stock to meet local demand,” said RKV Ravishankar, President, Erode Turmeric Merchants Association.

At the Regulated Marketing Committee, the finger turmeric price fell by ₹300 a quintal and that of root variety by ₹500. The market was steady at the Erode Cooperative Marketing Society. On an average, 65 per cent of the arrived turmeric was sold. At the Erode Turmeric Merchants Association Salesyard, finger turmeric was sold at ₹5,700-7,694 and the root variety at ₹5,230-6,389. Out of 701 bags of turmeric placed for sale, 315 bags were sold.

At the Regulated Marketing Committee finger turmeric was sold at ₹5,291 to 6,424 and the root variety at ₹5,214 to 6,074. Out of 321 bags kept for sale, 182 were sold.

At the Erode Cooperative Marketing Society, finger turmeric was sold at ₹5,400 to 6,659. The root variety was sold at ₹4,469 to 6,389. All the 123 bags placed for sale were sold.