True Diamond, a new player in the lab-grown diamond industry, has begun to offer 100 per cent certified lab diamond jewellery in the latest designs. 

“All products are certified by leading international authorities such as IGI (International Gemological Institute) and GIA (Gemological Institute of America), ensuring third-party validation of their quality. True Diamond holds a customer-centric promise with its all-India 14-day delivery promise, free returns, and buyback and exchange policy,” the company said in a statement. 

The lab-grown diamonds are competitive compared with earth-mined diamonds. A single-carat VS1-E solitaire, if it were earth mined, would on average cost approximately  ₹3-5 lakh, whereas a True Diamond’s product will cost  ₹40,000, the company claimed.

This opens up an entirely new addressable market — the middle class which can now have its diamond dreams come true.  

Darayus Mehta, Co-Founder and Director of True Diamond, said with True Diamond customers can experience a whole new era of ethical luxury.

A strong emphasis is laid on transparency as the cornerstone of trust.The brand maintains transparency at every step of the process, fostering confidence in its customers.

Moreover, all of True Diamond’s offerings are Type IIa, the purest form of diamonds, ensuring unrivalled brilliance and purity.