Ajay Vaswani has been promoted to Chief Business Officer of Alternate Investment Fund business of the Investment Trust of India.

He will be responsible for driving business objectives for ITI Long Short Equity Fund (category-III AIF) and ITI Growth Opportunities Fund (Category-II AIF).

Vaswani will spearhead the strategy and execution for sales, distribution, business development, product and marketing functions for the Alternate Investment Fund in onshore and offshore markets.

He has been with the ITI since January 2020. During his tenure, the AUM of ITI Long Short Equity (an onshore fund) has grown six times to about ₹800 crore. To expand its footprint, the company plans to launch an offshore fund via GIFT IFSC.

Mohit Gulati, Managing Partner & CIO, ITI Growth Opportunities Fund, said Vaswani contribution has been critical in redefining fund raising models and played a key role in growing the footprint in the alternate investment funds space.

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