Valiant Communications Limited’s shares touched an intraday high of Rs. 257.50 per share against previous close of Rs. 251.40 after the company secured a pilot order from the Grid Controller of India (formerly known as POSOCO). 

The selected products, developed in adherence to the Central Electricity Authority’s “Cyber Security in Power Sector Guidelines, 2021,” are tailored to detect previously undetected intrusions stemming from firewall breaches, the presence of trojans, and unauthorized network activities that may already be underway.

One standout product, the VCL-2143 Network MouseTrαp, is an advanced Honeypot that offers real-time detection capabilities, complete with audio and visual alerts. It also maintains detailed logs of intruder credentials, providing valuable insights into security breaches. 

In addition to the VCL-2143, the VCL-2702 Network Isolation (Kill) Switch is instrumental in creating isolatable operational zones, ensuring the swift disconnection of critical segments during a cyber-attack. This approach enhances the security of sensitive data and critical assets within the network.

The shares of the company were trading at Rs. 250.00 at 11.37 a.m., down 0.56 per cent, on BSE..