Monday, June 10, 2019

Cross-currency Rates

As on : June 10, 2019

Pound Sterling ( 1 Pound Sterling is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees88.22
Australian Dollar1.82
Canadian Dollar1.6821
Danish Kroner8.3736
Hong Kong Dollar9.9376
Indonesian Rupiah18051.1561
Japanese Yen *137.6848
New Zealand Dollar1.9152
Norwegian Kroner10.9735
Singapore Dollar1.733
South Korean Won1501.5234
Swedish Kroner11.9534
Swiss Franc1.256
Thai Baht39.6851
US Dollar1.2671
Chinese Yuan8.7952
Arab Emirates Dirham5.0237
Euro (1 Euro is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees78.70
Australian Dollar1.6237
Canadian Dollar1.5006
Danish Kroner7.4701
Hong Kong Dollar8.8654
Indonesian Rupiah16103.54
Japanese Yen *122.8294
New Zealand Dollar1.7086
Norwegian Kroner9.7895
Pound Sterling0.8921
Singapore Dollar1.546
South Korean Won1339.5176
Swedish Kroner10.6637
Swiss Franc1.1204
Thai Baht35.4033
US Dollar1.1304
Chinese Yuan7.8463
Arab Emirates Dirham4.4817
US Dollar (1 US dollar is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees69.62
Australian Dollar1.4364
Canadian Dollar1.3275
Danish Kroner6.6084
Hong Kong Dollar7.8427
Indonesian Rupiah14245.9587
Japanese Yen *108.6607
New Zealand Dollar1.5115
Norwegian Kroner8.6603
Pound Sterling0.7892
Singapore Dollar1.3677
South Korean Won1185.0011
Swedish Kroner9.4336
Swiss Franc0.9912
Thai Baht31.3194
Chinese Yuan6.9412
Arab Emirates Dirham3.9647
Canadian Dollar (1 Canadian $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees52.44
Australian Dollar1.082
Danish Kroner4.9781
Hong Kong Dollar5.9079
Indonesian Rupiah10731.328
Japanese Yen *81.8529
New Zealand Dollar1.1386
Norwegian Kroner6.5237
Pound Sterling0.5945
Singapore Dollar1.0303
South Korean Won892.6486
Swedish Kroner7.1062
Swiss Franc0.7467
Thai Baht23.5926
US Dollar0.7533
Chinese Yuan5.2287
Arab Emirates Dirham2.9866
Swiss Franc (1 Swiss Franc is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees70.24
Australian Dollar1.4491
Canadian Dollar1.3393
Danish Kroner6.6671
Hong Kong Dollar7.9124
Indonesian Rupiah14372.4166
Japanese Yen *109.6253
New Zealand Dollar1.5249
Norwegian Kroner8.7372
Pound Sterling0.7962
Singapore Dollar1.3798
South Korean Won1195.5201
Swedish Kroner9.5173
Thai Baht31.5975
US Dollar1.0089
Chinese Yuan7.0028
Arab Emirates Dirham3.9999
Japanese Yen* (100 Japanese Yen are ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees64.07
Australian Dollar1.3219
Canadian Dollar1.2217
Danish Kroner6.0817
Hong Kong Dollar7.2176
Indonesian Rupiah13110.4972
New Zealand Dollar1.391
Norwegian Kroner7.97
Pound Sterling0.7263
Singapore Dollar1.2587
South Korean Won1090.5517
Swedish Kroner8.6817
Swiss Franc0.9122
Thai Baht28.8232
US Dollar0.9203
Chinese Yuan6.3879
Arab Emirates Dirham3.6487
Danish Kroner (1 Danish Kroner is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees10.54
Australian Dollar0.2174
Canadian Dollar0.2009
Hong Kong Dollar1.1868
Indonesian Rupiah2155.7193
Japanese Yen *16.4427
New Zealand Dollar0.2287
Norwegian Kroner1.3105
Pound Sterling0.1194
Singapore Dollar0.207
South Korean Won179.3161
Swedish Kroner1.4275
Swiss Franc0.15
Thai Baht4.7393
US Dollar0.1513
Chinese Yuan1.0503
Arab Emirates Dirham0.5999
Swedish Kroner (1 Swedish Kroner is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees7.38
Australian Dollar0.1523
Canadian Dollar0.1407
Danish Kroner0.7005
Hong Kong Dollar0.8314
Indonesian Rupiah1510.1289
Japanese Yen *11.5185
New Zealand Dollar0.1602
Norwegian Kroner0.918
Pound Sterling0.0837
Singapore Dollar0.145
South Korean Won125.6149
Swiss Franc0.1051
Thai Baht3.32
US Dollar0.106
Chinese Yuan0.7358
Arab Emirates Dirham0.4203
Norwegian Kroner (1 Norwegian Kroner is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees8.04
Australian Dollar0.1659
Canadian Dollar0.1533
Danish Kroner0.7631
Hong Kong Dollar0.9056
Indonesian Rupiah1644.9765
Japanese Yen *12.547
New Zealand Dollar0.1745
Pound Sterling0.0911
Singapore Dollar0.1579
South Korean Won136.8317
Swedish Kroner1.0893
Swiss Franc0.1145
Thai Baht3.6164
US Dollar0.1155
Chinese Yuan0.8015
Arab Emirates Dirham0.4578
New Zealand Dollar (1 New Zealand $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees46.06
Australian Dollar0.9503
Canadian Dollar0.8783
Danish Kroner4.3722
Hong Kong Dollar5.1888
Indonesian Rupiah9425.2097
Japanese Yen *71.8906
Norwegian Kroner5.7297
Pound Sterling0.5221
Singapore Dollar0.9049
South Korean Won784.0037
Swedish Kroner6.2413
Swiss Franc0.6558
Thai Baht20.7211
US Dollar0.6616
Chinese Yuan4.5923
Arab Emirates Dirham2.6231
Australian Dollar (1 Australian $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees48.47
Canadian Dollar0.9242
Danish Kroner4.6008
Hong Kong Dollar5.4601
Indonesian Rupiah9917.9456
Japanese Yen *75.6489
New Zealand Dollar1.0523
Norwegian Kroner6.0292
Pound Sterling0.5494
Singapore Dollar0.9522
South Korean Won824.9902
Swedish Kroner6.5676
Swiss Franc0.6901
Thai Baht21.8044
US Dollar0.6962
Chinese Yuan4.8324
Arab Emirates Dirham2.7602
Singapore Dollar (1 Singapore $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees50.90
Australian Dollar1.0502
Canadian Dollar0.9706
Danish Kroner4.8318
Hong Kong Dollar5.7343
Indonesian Rupiah10416.0016
Japanese Yen *79.4478
New Zealand Dollar1.1051
Norwegian Kroner6.332
Pound Sterling0.577
South Korean Won866.4193
Swedish Kroner6.8974
Swiss Franc0.7247
Thai Baht22.8994
US Dollar0.7312
Chinese Yuan5.0751
Arab Emirates Dirham2.8988
Hong Kong Dollar (1 HongKong $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees8.88
Australian Dollar0.1831
Canadian Dollar0.1693
Danish Kroner0.8426
Indonesian Rupiah1816.4518
Japanese Yen *13.8549
New Zealand Dollar0.1927
Norwegian Kroner1.1042
Pound Sterling0.1006
Singapore Dollar0.1744
South Korean Won151.0953
Swedish Kroner1.2028
Swiss Franc0.1264
Thai Baht3.9934
US Dollar0.1275
Chinese Yuan0.885
Arab Emirates Dirham0.5055
Thai Baht (1 Thai Baht is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees2.22
Australian Dollar0.0459
Canadian Dollar0.0424
Danish Kroner0.211
Hong Kong Dollar0.2504
Indonesian Rupiah454.8598
Japanese Yen *3.4694
New Zealand Dollar0.0483
Norwegian Kroner0.2765
Pound Sterling0.0252
Singapore Dollar0.0437
South Korean Won37.836
Swedish Kroner0.3012
Swiss Franc0.0316
US Dollar0.0319
Chinese Yuan0.2216
Arab Emirates Dirham0.1266
Indonesian Rupiah* (100 Indonesian Rupiah are ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees0.49
Australian Dollar0.0101
Canadian Dollar0.0093
Danish Kroner0.0464
Hong Kong Dollar0.0551
Japanese Yen *0.7627
New Zealand Dollar0.0106
Norwegian Kroner0.0608
Pound Sterling0.0055
Singapore Dollar0.0096
South Korean Won8.3182
Swedish Kroner0.0662
Swiss Franc0.007
Thai Baht0.2198
US Dollar0.007
Chinese Yuan0.0487
Arab Emirates Dirham0.0278
South Korean Won* (100 South Korean Won are ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees5.88
Australian Dollar0.1212
Canadian Dollar0.112
Danish Kroner0.5577
Hong Kong Dollar0.6618
Indonesian Rupiah1202.1895
Japanese Yen *9.1697
New Zealand Dollar0.1276
Norwegian Kroner0.7308
Pound Sterling0.0666
Singapore Dollar0.1154
Swedish Kroner0.7961
Swiss Franc0.0836
Thai Baht2.643
US Dollar0.0844
Chinese Yuan0.5858
Arab Emirates Dirham0.3346
Chinese Yuan (1 Chinese Yuan is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees10.03
Australian Dollar0.2069
Canadian Dollar0.1913
Danish Kroner0.9521
Hong Kong Dollar1.1299
Indonesian Rupiah2052.3839
Japanese Yen *15.6545
New Zealand Dollar0.2178
Norwegian Kroner1.2477
Pound Sterling0.1137
Singapore Dollar0.197
South Korean Won170.7205
Swedish Kroner1.3591
Swiss Franc0.1428
Thai Baht4.5121
US Dollar0.1441
Arab Emirates Dirham0.5712
Arab Emirates Dirham (1 Arab Emirates Dirham is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees17.56
Australian Dollar0.3623
Canadian Dollar0.3348
Danish Kroner1.6668
Hong Kong Dollar1.9781
Indonesian Rupiah3593.2065
Japanese Yen *27.4071
New Zealand Dollar0.3812
Norwegian Kroner2.1844
Pound Sterling0.1991
Singapore Dollar0.345
South Korean Won298.8885
Swedish Kroner2.3794
Swiss Franc0.25
Thai Baht7.8996
US Dollar0.2522
Chinese Yuan1.7507
Indian Rupees (1 Rupee is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Australian Dollar0.0206
Canadian Dollar0.0191
Danish Kroner0.0949
Hong Kong Dollar0.1127
Indonesian Rupiah204.6245
Japanese Yen *1.5608
New Zealand Dollar0.0217
Norwegian Kroner0.1244
Pound Sterling0.0113
Singapore Dollar0.0196
South Korean Won17.021
Swedish Kroner0.1355
Swiss Franc0.0142
Thai Baht0.4499
US Dollar0.0144
Chinese Yuan0.0997
Arab Emirates Dirham0.0569
* for 100 units

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Published on June 10, 2019
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