Thursday, July 30, 2020

Cross-currency Rates

As on : July 30, 2020

Pound Sterling ( 1 Pound Sterling is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees96.11
Australian Dollar1.8086
Canadian Dollar1.7355
Danish Kroner8.4159
Hong Kong Dollar10.0744
Indonesian Rupiah18930.4708
Japanese Yen *136.753
New Zealand Dollar1.9523
Norwegian Kroner12.2903
Singapore Dollar1.7898
South Korean Won1550.0863
Swedish Kroner11.8071
Swiss Franc1.1877
Thai Baht40.7678
US Dollar1.2967
Chinese Yuan9.3401
Arab Emirates Dirham5.4732
Euro (1 Euro is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees87.20
Australian Dollar1.6409
Canadian Dollar1.5746
Danish Kroner7.6357
Hong Kong Dollar9.1405
Indonesian Rupiah17175.4973
Japanese Yen *124.0751
New Zealand Dollar1.7713
Norwegian Kroner11.1509
Pound Sterling0.9073
Singapore Dollar1.6238
South Korean Won1406.3836
Swedish Kroner10.7125
Swiss Franc1.0776
Thai Baht36.9883
US Dollar1.1765
Chinese Yuan8.4742
Arab Emirates Dirham4.9658
US Dollar (1 US dollar is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees74.12
Australian Dollar1.3948
Canadian Dollar1.3384
Danish Kroner6.4904
Hong Kong Dollar7.7694
Indonesian Rupiah14599.1727
Japanese Yen *105.4639
New Zealand Dollar1.5056
Norwegian Kroner9.4783
Pound Sterling0.7712
Singapore Dollar1.3803
South Korean Won1195.426
Swedish Kroner9.1057
Swiss Franc0.916
Thai Baht31.4401
Chinese Yuan7.2031
Arab Emirates Dirham4.221
Canadian Dollar (1 Canadian $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees55.38
Australian Dollar1.0422
Danish Kroner4.8494
Hong Kong Dollar5.805
Indonesian Rupiah10908.0165
Japanese Yen *78.7991
New Zealand Dollar1.1249
Norwegian Kroner7.0818
Pound Sterling0.5762
Singapore Dollar1.0313
South Korean Won893.1826
Swedish Kroner6.8034
Swiss Franc0.6844
Thai Baht23.491
US Dollar0.7472
Chinese Yuan5.3819
Arab Emirates Dirham3.1538
Swiss Franc (1 Swiss Franc is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees80.92
Australian Dollar1.5228
Canadian Dollar1.4612
Danish Kroner7.0858
Hong Kong Dollar8.4822
Indonesian Rupiah15938.5464
Japanese Yen *115.1394
New Zealand Dollar1.6437
Norwegian Kroner10.3478
Pound Sterling0.842
Singapore Dollar1.5069
South Korean Won1305.0981
Swedish Kroner9.941
Thai Baht34.3245
US Dollar1.0917
Chinese Yuan7.8639
Arab Emirates Dirham4.6082
Japanese Yen* (100 Japanese Yen are ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees70.28
Australian Dollar1.3225
Canadian Dollar1.2691
Danish Kroner6.1541
Hong Kong Dollar7.3669
Indonesian Rupiah13842.8206
New Zealand Dollar1.4276
Norwegian Kroner8.9872
Pound Sterling0.7312
Singapore Dollar1.3088
South Korean Won1133.4935
Swedish Kroner8.6339
Swiss Franc0.8685
Thai Baht29.8112
US Dollar0.9482
Chinese Yuan6.8299
Arab Emirates Dirham4.0023
Danish Kroner (1 Danish Kroner is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees11.42
Australian Dollar0.2149
Canadian Dollar0.2062
Hong Kong Dollar1.1971
Indonesian Rupiah2249.3599
Japanese Yen *16.2493
New Zealand Dollar0.232
Norwegian Kroner1.4604
Pound Sterling0.1188
Singapore Dollar0.2127
South Korean Won184.1846
Swedish Kroner1.4029
Swiss Franc0.1411
Thai Baht4.8441
US Dollar0.1541
Chinese Yuan1.1098
Arab Emirates Dirham0.6503
Swedish Kroner (1 Swedish Kroner is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees8.14
Australian Dollar0.1532
Canadian Dollar0.147
Danish Kroner0.7128
Hong Kong Dollar0.8532
Indonesian Rupiah1603.309
Japanese Yen *11.5822
New Zealand Dollar0.1653
Norwegian Kroner1.0409
Pound Sterling0.0847
Singapore Dollar0.1516
South Korean Won131.284
Swiss Franc0.1006
Thai Baht3.4528
US Dollar0.1098
Chinese Yuan0.7911
Arab Emirates Dirham0.4636
Norwegian Kroner (1 Norwegian Kroner is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees7.82
Australian Dollar0.1472
Canadian Dollar0.1412
Danish Kroner0.6848
Hong Kong Dollar0.8197
Indonesian Rupiah1540.2797
Japanese Yen *11.1269
New Zealand Dollar0.1588
Pound Sterling0.0814
Singapore Dollar0.1456
South Korean Won126.1229
Swedish Kroner0.9607
Swiss Franc0.0966
Thai Baht3.3171
US Dollar0.1055
Chinese Yuan0.76
Arab Emirates Dirham0.4453
New Zealand Dollar (1 New Zealand $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees49.23
Australian Dollar0.9264
Canadian Dollar0.8889
Danish Kroner4.3109
Hong Kong Dollar5.1604
Indonesian Rupiah9696.6713
Japanese Yen *70.0484
Norwegian Kroner6.2954
Pound Sterling0.5122
Singapore Dollar0.9168
South Korean Won793.9938
Swedish Kroner6.0479
Swiss Franc0.6084
Thai Baht20.8823
US Dollar0.6642
Chinese Yuan4.7843
Arab Emirates Dirham2.8035
Australian Dollar (1 Australian $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees53.14
Canadian Dollar0.9596
Danish Kroner4.6532
Hong Kong Dollar5.5702
Indonesian Rupiah10466.8111
Japanese Yen *75.6118
New Zealand Dollar1.0794
Norwegian Kroner6.7954
Pound Sterling0.5529
Singapore Dollar0.9896
South Korean Won857.0553
Swedish Kroner6.5283
Swiss Franc0.6567
Thai Baht22.5408
US Dollar0.7169
Chinese Yuan5.1642
Arab Emirates Dirham3.0262
Singapore Dollar (1 Singapore $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees53.70
Australian Dollar1.0105
Canadian Dollar0.9697
Danish Kroner4.7023
Hong Kong Dollar5.6289
Indonesian Rupiah10577.1125
Japanese Yen *76.4087
New Zealand Dollar1.0908
Norwegian Kroner6.867
Pound Sterling0.5587
South Korean Won866.0871
Swedish Kroner6.5971
Swiss Franc0.6636
Thai Baht22.7784
US Dollar0.7245
Chinese Yuan5.2187
Arab Emirates Dirham3.0581
Hong Kong Dollar (1 HongKong $ is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees9.54
Australian Dollar0.1795
Canadian Dollar0.1723
Danish Kroner0.8354
Indonesian Rupiah1879.0624
Japanese Yen *13.5743
New Zealand Dollar0.1938
Norwegian Kroner1.2199
Pound Sterling0.0993
Singapore Dollar0.1777
South Korean Won153.8635
Swedish Kroner1.172
Swiss Franc0.1179
Thai Baht4.0467
US Dollar0.1287
Chinese Yuan0.9271
Arab Emirates Dirham0.5433
Thai Baht (1 Thai Baht is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees2.36
Australian Dollar0.0444
Canadian Dollar0.0426
Danish Kroner0.2064
Hong Kong Dollar0.2471
Indonesian Rupiah464.349
Japanese Yen *3.3544
New Zealand Dollar0.0479
Norwegian Kroner0.3015
Pound Sterling0.0245
Singapore Dollar0.0439
South Korean Won38.0224
Swedish Kroner0.2896
Swiss Franc0.0291
US Dollar0.0318
Chinese Yuan0.2291
Arab Emirates Dirham0.1343
Indonesian Rupiah* (100 Indonesian Rupiah are ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees0.51
Australian Dollar0.0096
Canadian Dollar0.0092
Danish Kroner0.0445
Hong Kong Dollar0.0532
Japanese Yen *0.7224
New Zealand Dollar0.0103
Norwegian Kroner0.0649
Pound Sterling0.0053
Singapore Dollar0.0095
South Korean Won8.1883
Swedish Kroner0.0624
Swiss Franc0.0063
Thai Baht0.2154
US Dollar0.0068
Chinese Yuan0.0493
Arab Emirates Dirham0.0289
South Korean Won* (100 South Korean Won are ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees6.20
Australian Dollar0.1167
Canadian Dollar0.112
Danish Kroner0.5429
Hong Kong Dollar0.6499
Indonesian Rupiah1221.2527
Japanese Yen *8.8223
New Zealand Dollar0.1259
Norwegian Kroner0.7929
Pound Sterling0.0645
Singapore Dollar0.1155
Swedish Kroner0.7617
Swiss Franc0.0766
Thai Baht2.63
US Dollar0.0837
Chinese Yuan0.6026
Arab Emirates Dirham0.3531
Chinese Yuan (1 Chinese Yuan is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees10.29
Australian Dollar0.1936
Canadian Dollar0.1858
Danish Kroner0.9011
Hong Kong Dollar1.0786
Indonesian Rupiah2026.7875
Japanese Yen *14.6414
New Zealand Dollar0.209
Norwegian Kroner1.3159
Pound Sterling0.1071
Singapore Dollar0.1916
South Korean Won165.9597
Swedish Kroner1.2641
Swiss Franc0.1272
Thai Baht4.3648
US Dollar0.1388
Arab Emirates Dirham0.586
Arab Emirates Dirham (1 Arab Emirates Dirham is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Indian Rupees17.56
Australian Dollar0.3304
Canadian Dollar0.3171
Danish Kroner1.5377
Hong Kong Dollar1.8407
Indonesian Rupiah3458.7355
Japanese Yen *24.9858
New Zealand Dollar0.3567
Norwegian Kroner2.2455
Pound Sterling0.1827
Singapore Dollar0.327
South Korean Won283.2121
Swedish Kroner2.1572
Swiss Franc0.217
Thai Baht7.4486
US Dollar0.2369
Chinese Yuan1.7065
Indian Rupees (1 Rupee is ...)
Currency NameCurrency rate
Australian Dollar0.0188
Canadian Dollar0.0181
Danish Kroner0.0876
Hong Kong Dollar0.1048
Indonesian Rupiah196.9667
Japanese Yen *1.4229
New Zealand Dollar0.0203
Norwegian Kroner0.1279
Pound Sterling0.0104
Singapore Dollar0.0186
South Korean Won16.1283
Swedish Kroner0.1229
Swiss Franc0.0124
Thai Baht0.4242
US Dollar0.0135
Chinese Yuan0.0972
Arab Emirates Dirham0.0569
* for 100 units

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Published on July 30, 2020
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