Aspirational districts are now eliminating the barriers to the progress of the country and they have become accelerators for growth instead of impediments, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday as he interacted with District Magistrates (DM) In his remarks at the virtual interaction with DMs and some chief ministers, Modi said the teamwork of Centre, states and local administration was yielding good results in aspirational districts.

"Today, aspirational districts are eliminating the barriers to the progress of the country. With the efforts of all of you, aspirational districts are becoming accelerators of growth instead of impediments," he told the DMs.

Modi said that for development in aspirational districts, a direct connect between the administration and the public as well as an emotional connect is very important.

A sort of 'top to bottom' and 'bottom to top' flow of governance is needed, he said, adding that an important aspect of this is technology and innovation.

Officials in aspirational districts now feel a great deal of satisfaction when they see lives of people improving with their efforts, Modi said.

The prime minister told the district magistrates that every district needs to learn from the success of others and also evaluate their challenges.

Aspirational districts have proved that removing silos in the implementation process can result in one and one becoming eleven, Modi said.

Launched by the prime minister in January 2018, the aspirational districts programme aims to quickly and effectively transform 112 most under-developed districts across the country.

Chief Ministers of states such as Gujarat, Karnataka and Chhattisgarh also participated in the interaction.

The interaction was aimed at taking direct feedback about the progress and status of implementation of various government schemes and programmes.