Unacademy-owned PrepLadder, a medical entrance exam preparation platform has announced Dream Team Next Edition and an exam preparation tool QBank Next Edition. Dream Team Next Edition comprises faculty members across different medical specialisations who will curate new learning experiences for aspirants.

The QBank Next Edition is a preparation tool, curated by the Dream Team Next Educators that will enable learners to explore the nuances of assessing their preparation closer to the exams in the Nation Exit Test (NExT) exam format, said the company. 

PrepLadder aims to further strengthen its presence in the medical PG industry with its new Dream Team faculty and its content for its aspirants preparing for the NExT exam. The company says it currently has over 2.5 lakh active learners on the platform. 

Deepanshu Goyal, CEO, and Co-Founder, PrepLadder, said, “At PrepLadder, we aim to make this easy and accessible for aspirants so that they can achieve their academic milestones. By bringing together a new batch of India’s renowned and leading Educators and with the power of data we can measure to create a huge impact for learners across the country.” 

Goyal told businessline that the payment structure, with the new set of educators, has changed. The platform will be eliminating royalty payments from the educators’ total compensation. According to media reports, the platform is facing legal action from a group of teachers over nonpayment of dues. One of its educators is reported to have moved to Delhi HC over nonpayment of royalty fees. However, the company did not give any clarification on the matter. 

The company in the recent past has made an offline foray with PrepLadder Neuros, an offline institute for medical science post-graduate aspirants. Goyal said that the platform has completed two batches and plans to launch in 10 more cities this year. However, the online platform still remains the primary mode for exam preparation and is also a majority revenue contributor. “For this year, we project that around 80 per cent of revenues will come from online itself,” said Goyal.