Tamil Nadu’s electronics exports nearly tripled in one year to $5.37 billion in FY23 from $1.86 billion in the previous year. From the fourth spot in FY22, Tamil Nadu moved to the top spot in FY23.

Companies like Tata Electronics and Pegatron starting production have helped Tamil Nadu overtake three states - Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra - to become India’s top exporter of electronic goods in FY23. Tamil Nadu retained the top spot in the first two months of the current fiscal year.

In 2020-21, of India’s total electronics goods export of $15.59 billion, Tamil Nadu’s share was 11.98 per cent. However, this zoomed to 22.83 per cent, out of a total value of $23.57 billion, according to Central government data.

In the current fiscal, Tamil Nadu continued to top the trend by being the top exporter, followed by Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.

Tamil Nadu is now home to over 15 leading electronics manufacturers, including Foxconn, Tata Electronics, Salcomp and Pegatron.

In FY23, Tamil Nadu exported electronic goods worth $5.37 billion, while Uttar Pradesh was second with $4.90 billion and Karnataka third with $4.52 billion. In FY22, Karnataka was the top exporter of electronic goods with $3.87 billion; Uttar Pradesh was second with $3.77 billion; Maharashtra was third with $2.08 billion.

In a social media posting, Guidance Tamil Nadu said new players are entering the State, while existing manufacturers are expanding their production capacities, demonstrating their confidence in the State. Tamil Nadu continues to foster innovation, attract investments, and nurture entrepreneurship in the electronic sector.

N Ramachandran, Past President, Electronic Industries Association Of India, said the key reasons for Tamil Nadu’s performance were the good industrial climate supported by the TN Government, availability of skilled or trainable labour, especially women with high productivity and good logistics connectivity of the airport.

Stable and assured power supply and increasing supply chain to support the production are also other reasons for the State doing well in electronics goods, he said.