As a former officer with the Indian Foreign Service, Satendra Kumar joined the Congress here on Tuesday.The Congress claimed that it is the only party that can pool the capabilities of people working in diplomacy, strategic planning and other skills involved with policy making.

Welcoming Kumar to the fold, Opposition leader in the Rajya Sabha and AICC general secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad said that the Congress will use the expertise of Kumar at various levels. He said that the Congress will benefit from Kumar’s 34 years of experience in foreign services.

Kumar, who joined along with a number of Dalit activists from the State, said the ruling party at the Centre does not represent the interests of farmers, workers, minorities and Dalits.

He said that the BJP is trying to appropriate leaders such as BR Ambedkar, but acting against the tenets of the Constitution drafted by him. The leaders also claimed that more senior officers from the civil services will join the Congress soon.