The value of the IPL ecosystem has risen to ₹92,500 crore in 2023, up 6.3 per cent compared to ₹87,000 crore in 2022. In dollar terms, this translates to a growth from $10.9 billion, up 3.3 per cent to $11.2 billion, according to a report released by D&P Advisory.

At the same time, Women’s Premier League, which saw its inaugural edition this year, was valued at ₹1,250 crore ($150 million) on the back of media and title rights deals, the report noted.

On the latest estimates of IPL ecosystem, Santosh N, Managing Partner of D&P Advisory said that the previous year’s valuation estimates had already factored in the surge from the media rights renewal.

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“This year’s IPL ecosystem value therefore demonstrates modest increment as actual cash flows closely mirror our prior projections,” he said adding that the rise in valuations can be attributed to rise in gate receipts with higher ticket prices and higher franchise revenues.

According to the report, about 60-65 per cent of this valuation accrues to the BCCI, with the remaining 35-40 per cent accruing to all IPL teams.

“This translates to an aggregate business value of around $3.9- 4.5 billion for all franchises combined. With ten franchises, an average intrinsic business valuation per team fall in the ballpark of $390-450 million,” he added

Post its first season, the valuation of IPL ecosystem was pegged at about ₹4,700 crore ($1100 million). However, the report pointed out that the IPL’s inaugural season featured 8 teams and 59 matches.

In contrast, WPL started on a more modest scale, with 5 teams playing 22 matches.

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“This disparity in scale is a significant factor in the valuation differences between the two leagues (post first edition),” D&P Advisory noted in its report.

Meanwhile, Mumbai India topped the brand valuation rankings followed by Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore in the second and third spot. “Mumbai Indians emerges as the most valued IPL franchise in 2023 with its intrinsic business value within the range of $ 410-450 million and leads the brand valuation table in 2023,” the report noted.