Ozone therapy, providing relief to the seriously ill

LN Revathy Coimbatore | Updated on October 03, 2019 Published on October 03, 2019

“All diseases begin in the gut. We start by cleansing the gut first”

Along with an engineering college and a polytechnic, the Nachimuthu Industrial Association’s educational institution campus in Pollachi houses a medical ozone therapy centre named ‘Mirakle and Wellness Clinic’.

The ambience here is quite different from that of a regular clinic without a whiff of the smell of antiseptic or the hustle and bustle of patients and relatives. Instead, it exudes an air of calm and serenity. Even the patients look more like visitors to the centre.

Last refuge

The therapy centre, a brainchild of Sakthi Group Chairman M Manickam, seems to have transformed the lives of hundreds of patients. A few cancer survivors at the centre told this correspondent that they never thought they would survive, as renowned hospitals where they had undergone treatment had given up on them.

“I suffered acute stomach ache,” said a 65-year-old woman, showing a ball-like growth above her navel. The mother of a bus conductor, she said she first went to a hospital in Coimbatore. “My son paid ₹10,000. I was treated for three hours and was discharged. I was desperate as the pain became unbearable. My neighbour’s son, who is a student of this institute, asked us to try ozone therapy at the wellness centre here,” said the woman.

A well-to-do 70-year-old said that when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, her children took her to a hospital in Chennai. “After eight chemotherapy sessions, the doctor told my children that I would not be able to withstand the treatment any longer. I returned to Coimbatore and began counting my days. But, as luck would have it, I bumped into Manickam. He suggested that I give the ozone therapy a shot. So, here I am now, feeling much better. I am a lot more confident now,” she said, preferring anonymity.

‘Cancer can be overcome’

Manickam said cancer can be overcome by flooding the body with micronutrients so that the mitochondria becomes more agile and begins to improve tissue oxygenation.

“We are not attacking the cancer cell, but only feeding the mitochondria to make it more agile,” he added, holding a vitamin C-rich drink called ‘Mirakle’, which he said was an anti-cancerous formulation.

The clinic is headed by a medical professional – Arul, who is a member of the Ozone Forum of India. Quoting Hippocrates, he said, “All diseases begin in the gut. We start by addressing this first, cleansing the gut.”

Ozone therapy

Elaborating on the medical ozone therapy being practised at the centre, Arul said, “Ozone is a very unstable molecule. It breaks down the oxygen molecule (O2) and a single active oxygen atom in 20 minutes. While the O2 improves oxygenation of tissues, the oxygen atom kills germs and stimulates production of antioxidant enzymes in the body.”

“Ozonated saline is used to treat cardiac and circulatory disorders, skin diseases, cancer, diabetic foot, neuro-degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, allergic disorders, chronic pain and so on.”

And it is not just cancer patients who flock to the clinic. Many with other chronic ailments, too, visit the centre.

“They come only when all other interventions fail. It is heartening to see them walk back with confidence, having opened a new chapter in their lives,” said Manickam.

Published on October 03, 2019
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