In a heartwarming turn of events, Dolly Chaiwala, known in Nagpur city of Maharashtra for his distinctive chai-making flair and striking attire influenced by superstar Rajnikant, has skyrocketed to stardom following a viral reel featuring none other than tech magnate Bill Gates. The reel, shared across various social media platforms, captured a delightful moment where Gates, captivated by Dolly’s chai-making prowess, ordered a cup of chai with a simple yet charming “one chai please.”

Dolly, true to his signature style, promptly prepared a steaming cup of tea for the billionaire, showcasing his craft and warmth that have endeared him to locals and now, to a global audience.

Gates, visibly delighted by the experience, expressed his excitement about being back in India.

Microsoft co-founder, in the video, wrote, “I am excited to be back in India, home to incredible innovators working on new ways to save and improve lives, and even make a cup of tea. Looking forward to many chai pe charchas.” In the caption, he added, “In India, you can find innovation everywhere you turn — even in the preparation of a simple cup of tea!”

“Breakthroughs and advancements made in India are saving lives around the world. During my visit to India this week, I’m eager to see the country’s progress in digital public infrastructure and programs that are addressing urban poverty” he wrote in another social media post.  

Nagpur Delighted

Sources in Nagpur said that Bill Gates’ office invited Dolly to Hyderabad and the video was shot on Tuesday. Gates was in the city to visit Microsoft India Development Centre

 “All sudden out city has gone viral because of Dolly chailwala. Not all people in Nagpur know him or have tested his chai, bit now he is world famous” says Richa Paunikar.