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The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) may be crying foul, but small businessmen are very pleased at the EC order to drape, or cover with a box, dozens of statues. These will later have to be uncovered or unboxed, giving rise to a terrific new business opportunity in Uttar Pradesh. It's not just elephants or Behenji's statues that need to be covered, but also those of other political leaders and parties. Then, there is a possibility that such an order may be imposed in other States, too. Local entrepreneurs are relishing the prospect that this will not be a one-time event.

A leader's travails

Leaders get a high when they see large crowds of supporters. But the same supporters can also create a lot of difficulties for leaders. For example, supporters and ticket-seekers throng Ajit Singh's house, from morning to evening and even beyond. It is really a challenge to wade through the crowd, either to meet the leader, or leave the venue after meeting him.

This reporter ran into a wall of people when on his way to interview Singh. After the interview, it was no better — the leader requested this reporter's help in leaving the room, as it was blocked by supporters.

Muslim mood

When the Government decided on a 4.5 per cent sub-quota for minorities from within the 27 per cent quota for OBCs, the Congress thought it would work in its favour. But the Election Commission has stumped that. Now, it turns out that the 9 per sub-quota announcement has also not gone down well with the Election Commission. Both these incidents are now taking away Muslims from the Congress, so believes a senior Congress leader. Double-speak by the Congress on the Batla House encounter is also making things difficult for the Congress.

Where are manifestos?

Nomination for the first phase of the Assembly elections has started, and key leaders of various parties are busy in election meetings. But where are their manifestos? No party has firmed up dates on releasing them as yet, and in their absence campaigning lacks a sense of direction, as no one is sure as to what line to take.

Montek is mum

After the Finance Ministry, now the Planning Commission is out of bounds for the media. Reason: the Budget exercise. This is the second year in succession when the Commission has closed its doors in this manner.

Published on January 15, 2012
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