A fairly young and successful entrepreneur chose to live child-free. His choices hurt no one, but may probably benefit the planet, which already has no dearth of humans!

Humankind is heterogeneous, which is what makes human lives interesting. People differ in appearance, genetic makeup, wealth, profession and needless to mention, opinion. Therefore, creating a conventional box and asking them all to fit into it is not a clever idea.

At a restaurant or inside a public bus, some may be delighted to be seated next to an infant. You would catch them gushing over the baby’s cuteness and this lot may even volunteer to babysit for a while.

On the other hand, there is a group that would strategically avoid going anywhere near a baby. They may be too busy, may crave silence or may not like children. But none of this means that there is anything wrong with the latter group. For all you know, they may be the kindest people one would ever meet.

In a perfect world, where everyone gets to live by their choices, the latter group would most likely opt out from having children.

Some people simply love having children and raising them others may opt out of parenthood, choosing to happily don the roles of fun uncles and aunts. Some couples may choose to adopt children. Their choices are all valid. After all, it is no cakewalk to raise a child.

Coming back to the entrepreneur, he did not want to spend a couple of decades of life babysitting, which may seem logical from his point of view. People have different priorities.

Now one’s job as a fellow being in the same society is quite easy — respect the other person’s choice and move on, as long as people’s choices do not hurt anyone.