Entrepreneurship Day

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Rajaji was hailed by Mahatma Gandhi as his conscience keeper. His contribution to independent India was as significant as his contribution to the independence movement. He was a great champion of free enterprise and hence his birth anniversary, December 10, should be celebrated as Entrepreneurship Day.

NS Venkataraman


Hardly green

Referring to the article by Raju Barwale (“Time for another Green Revolution”, November 7), it is common knowledge that chemically powered high input technology farming, transplanted from the western model and euphemistically christened the “green revolution”, fell on its face primarily due to the mismanagement of our vast and varied soil resources. In human history, when soils degraded, civilisations collapsed. When the North African soils desertified, the Roman civilisation collapsed. Nearer home, we have a replay in Punjab, the “cradle” of the green revolution. It will be educative to remember that more than 50 per cent of a plant’s production potential is decided by the nutrient, native or applied. “One size fits all” will not do in soil management.

KP Prabhakaran Nair


Our call too

With reference to the editorial, “A roadmap for safety” (November 7), we have taken for granted that airbags generally feature in luxury or high end cars; we don’t even bring this issue to the table when we look for a car to buy. But recent experiences have forced us to introspect on this. It is heartening that Indian automobile manufacturers have positively accepted the proposed changes. Now when basic car safety norms are being made mandatory we should also be ready to shell out more and start considering it our right rather than the rich man’s choice, as ultimately it is about our safety.

Bal Govind

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Why can’t auto companies take a collective decision to sell their cars inclusive of safety features? For a family spending about ₹3.5 lakh minimum for a car, a cost escalation of around 10 per cent is nothing.

Industry bodies should introspect on the fact that when it comes profits they unite but do they care about the safety of their customers? The Government is responsible for this state of affairs. We should legislate for basic safety features to be included in the cost of every car; ₹30,000 is nothing compared to the lives that will be saved by having these safety features in place. It is time the Government acted on this issue.

CR Arun


Take care of everybody

This refers to the editorial, “Break the shackles” (November 6). While it is necessary and of course urgent that managerial positions in banks are manned by persons of ability with a sense of innovation and need to promote the business of the institution, it is also a valid point that the future of the staff at lower levels should be taken care of in the event of recruiting persons from lateral positions of trade or other occupations. The operational efficiency of the entire staff rests on prospects of a rise in position. If that is denied, the consequences can be very bad for the institution.

Even if those at the top level have great abilities, the aim could be affected seriously if total cooperation and help in implementing the ideas are not extended by the staff. It is not hard to find people with high educational achievements. The consideration would only be the remuneration and managements can suitably restructure this to secure persons with better abilities.

TR Anandan



b In the article, “The Pet Shop Boys” which appeared in cat.a.lyst (November 7), the name of dog food company was misspelt as Droolz. It should be Drools.

b In the article, “Combining tech and human interface for customer delight” by Pralay Mondal, published in New Manager (November 5), the writer was wrongly identified as Senior Group President, Axis Bank. He is Senior Group President, Yes Bank. The error is regretted.

Published on November 07, 2014
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