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“Credit co-operatives are too big to work” ( Business Line, January 11) is a comprehensive article on the working of rural credit co-operatives. Any expert panel recommendation should be at best to supplement the thought process of the mainstream administration.

Logical suggestions may not always emanate from such an approach for consideration by the leadership.

The inference on debt relief and overdue payments may not be all correct, as a farm entrepreneurship is the most complex of all enterprises, with the farmer expected to be an expert in areas ranging from biology to production, to market economics and risk management.



Encourage investment

This refers to the editorial “False dawn” ( Business Line, January 13).

There is currently an investment freeze in the country, and the government should orient its policy measures towards promotion of investment both in the infrastructure and manufacturing sectors.

If this doesn't happen, growth and employment can get stunted, which doesn't augur well at a time when both inflation and tight monetary policy have been hampering growth momentum.

It is desirable for the government to encourage investment by such ways as announcing investor-friendly budget proposals; investment proposals in the infrastructure sector and easing of interest rates by commercial banks.

K. N. V. S. Subrahmanyam


Published on January 13, 2012
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