Conspiracy of silence

| Updated on May 28, 2013 Published on May 28, 2013

With reference to ‘Where values go for a six’( Business Line, May 28), the IPL is managed by a very powerful lobby that includes top corporates, politicians , the BCCI and players. In spite of the exposé, it is only the media and the common man who are concerned. Not a single franchise owner has spoken . Politicians who ask for resignations in Parliament at the drop of a hat have gone silent, as have the ‘legends’ of Indian cricket.

A.E. Charles


Too many glitches

With reference to the editorial ‘A road block’ ( Business Line, May 28), PPP was launched with much fanfare like many other projects. But the problem in our country is proper implementation. Now that the Ministry has dumped this model and come back to EPC, funding will be taken care by the Ministry and a road developer would only have to do the design and construction. Developers were blindly going for BOT toll or BOT annuity projects, because these had far more revenue potential than an EPC project. But they did not factor in delays in land and environmental clearances. As a result, most of the big names in road development backed off. With most public sector banks hitting a sectoral cap on infrastructure, funds are not easy to come by. It is going to be tough for road developers. Yes, the Modi formula can be worked across India but for that the minister has to be a tough task-master.

Bal Govind


Land grab

This is with reference to ‘Root cause of farm distress’ ( Business Line, May 25). The main reason for decrease in cultivated land is that educated landowners are quitting agriculture for white collar jobs and labourers are moving to urban blue collar jobs. Land on both sides of national highways are being sold to real estate promoters. Unscrupulous politicians buy thousands of acres with ill-gotten money and keep them uncultivated.

N.R. Nagarajan


Published on May 28, 2013
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