Investors beware

This is with reference to “FraudTech, the new game in town” by Aarati Krishnan (October 14). Consumers should be inherently aware of jackpots. Advice of experts in stock markets should be taken in consideration before investing in tipsters’ messages. SEBI should take strict action against fraudulent messages to protect investors. Awareness programme to acquaint the investors should be given on regular basis. To nail out tipsters, a cyber cell should be set up.

S Mtuhulakshmi

Virudhunagar, TN

We should not forget that there is no free lunch in this world and if something is too good to be true then it is better to be cautious. We all get such tips frequently on our cellphones. It is up to us to be smart and judicious in our investment decisions. If somebody still falls pray to such messages in the times where there is no dearth of research and knowledge on every financial product or company, it is really sad. SEBI is taking some action against such companies but still lot of ground need to be covered to fix this menace. I agree with writer’s suggestion that more investors awareness programme should take place.

Bal Govind



Bob Dylan, the American singer and songwriter, is a surprise choice of this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature for “having created new poetic expression within the great American song tradition”. Dylan’s philosophical renditions made listeners both engage at one level, distance at another. His body of work that dealt with some weighty notions about war and peace over the decades stands testimony to his ability to reinvent himself through songs in order to appeal to the young audience. The Nobel Prize committee did well to decorate the poet in Bob that’s recognised in the prime of his life.

R Prabhu Raj


Hungry India

That India lags behind countries such as Iran, Iraq, Nigeria and Bangladesh on the Global Hunger Index is both shocking and shameful. (“Food for thought” by Tina Edwin, October 14). However such periodical reports from various international bodies hardly ever make any impact on our policies. Unless such issues constantly impacts the consciousness of the nation improvements are unlikely to come by. The reports and discussion in the mainstream media hardly ever focus on issues of poverty and deprivation. The talk about smart city and bullet train creates an illusion that we are already developed and such problems no longer exist. When war cries are rending the air would anybody listen to such bleak and mundane topics?

Manohar Alembath

Kannur, Kerala

Export woes

This is with reference to “It’s a long haul for India’s exports” by Ritesh Kumar Singh (October 14). There is a dramatic shift in the global trade scenario. India has had a long journey to build the export baskets containing standard labour-intensive goods and achieved sufficiency in capital goods. The export growth by any other country has fallen drastically and India is no exception. To improve exports, India would have to bring structural changes in the economy which demands time and resources and it can’t be quickly down. All the negotiations under WTO are hanging in a balance. New equations of trade are being worked out by the US especially but the present presidential candidate is back tracking all these. No country alone can develop strategy to energise exports at this stage.

Rakesh Kumar


Bring discipline

It was shocking to read that on Friday in Bandra, Mumbai, a five-storey building collapsed leaving nearly six dead and quite a few injured. Nowadays, building, sanitation and fire certificates are bartered for huge sums, throwing safety to the winds. Unless there is discipline in every walk of life, tragedies are bound to occur and post-mortem of the accidents are of no use to the deceased and the dependants in the affected families.

S Ramakrishnasayee


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Published on October 14, 2016


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