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| Updated on January 16, 2018 Published on December 09, 2016

The Government’s move to rope in former Infosys head Nandan Nilekani to map a path to digital payments cannot be more right. It needs to put in place some measures to ensure there is no more hue and cry over demonetisation and its efforts for a cashless economy are met. Nilekani, who spearheaded the Aadhaar programme, is best suited for this job.

NJ Ravi Chander


Rowdy Rathores

Crores of rupees of taxpayers’ money spent on running Parliament is wasted due to a rowdy Opposition stalling proceedings. This is what compelled President Pranab Mukherjee to ask parliamentarians to do the job for which they have been elected, to tell them that the place for dharna and disruption is the street, not Parliament, and that disruption means gagging of the majority by the minority. Though the President made it clear he isn’t targeting any single party or individual, his remarks are an indictment of the Opposition.

MC Joshi


Correct decision

According to RBI statistical data, the total borrowings by scheduled commercial banks as on November 25 was in the negative (-) compared to a year ago. Had there been a cut in rate, there would have been a clamour for interest reduction on borrowings, by corporates in particular. Banks already have the burden of interest payment on huge deposits. Some banks will take recourse to the reverse repo window if they are unable to lend or reduce liquidity. MPC has taken the right decision.

Ramanath Nakhate


Reverse the PoS concept

The uninitiated user of digital transfers worries about security, mainly because of having to punch one’s password on another’s device. Therefore, something like Mother Dairy’s prepaid card accounter would work well. It is corded to the user’s mobile in a folded wallet and the password is punched in one’s own mobile phone. The advantage is that the customer carries the transfer device and not the merchant. While it’s useful for those who cannot afford PoS, data privacy is also assured.

R Narayanan

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Test of patience

Although I am an admirer of demonetisation, I am appalled by the haphazard steps being taken by the finance minister to resolve the agony of the people. They are looking for quick solutions to have ATMs and banks with sufficient funds and not concessions on cashless transactions or promise of penalising those who managed to exchange crores of old currency. The Government forgot that dishonest people are intelligent and discover ingenious ways of beating the system, new or old.

Y G Chouksey


PAN’s better

An inquiry to detect money-laundering and hawala dealings in the wake of demonetisation has shown that no cooperative bank is involved in corruption. Banks are now seemingly busy with demanding KYC details from clients. Does this mean they did business all these time without knowing the customer? What the banks actually needed is the PAN number of the customer.

KA Solaman

Alappuzha, Kerala

People’s CM

When Jayalalithaa was alive, she did not get the support she deserved from the media. But in the last few days, newspapers are flooded with news articles showering praises on her. Television channels too are all praise for her policies, way of living and administration. We realise the value of people only when they leave us.

S Ramakrishnasayee

Ranipet, Tamil Nadu

A Jaya museum

Jayalalithaa’s property should be nationalised, and her house as she had no children and also didn't seem to have left a will. Her house should be converted into a museum. It also should have a library filled with her book collection. The Government should act quickly so that all the fluid and solid wealth she has left behind is not usurped.

VS Ganeshan


Published on December 09, 2016
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