Where can I get futures and options (F&O) data of Bank Nifty and Nifty Financial Services, especially on options?


In the NSE web site, under the section of ‘Market Data’ you can find the ‘Derivatives Market’ tab. In this section, you can find information such as last traded price, expiry date of contracts, volume, open interest etc. for all indices and stocks on which derivative contracts are available. But note that these are single-point data, meaning it will be the data as on that particular day. You will not be able to see the trend or historical numbers of that contract. To get historical data, you need to go to the specific company’s page through search and get to the ‘Derivatives’ section.

Particularly for options, you can look for the option chain for whichever underlying you might want to get a snapshot on. Option chain gives you a good bird’s eye view on how traders have positioned and the overall bias as all the strike prices and their relevant data such as price, volume, open interest etc. can be found.

Using the option chain, you can calculate Put Call Ratio (PCR), which can give us a glimpse on the prevailing market sentiment. PCR for a particular expiry can be calculated by dividing the total number of put option open interest by the total number of call option open interest. You can do this for all indices and stocks which have F&O contracts on it and for various expiries. Under the ‘Resources’ section, you can download daily and historical reports of F&O data.

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