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| Updated on December 08, 2012 Published on December 08, 2012

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath

Supreme Court

BSNL chief R. K. Upadhyay

GMR Airports Chief Financial Officer Sidharath Kapur


“I am confident that the motion moved by BJP in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will be rejected...I am urging all parties not to subscribe to the politics of BJP… They may oppose FDI. It is for the states to decide. I am confident that parties will see through the politics of BJP...We have the numbers.”

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath

“We are compelled to reiterate the oft-stated principle that the state is a model employer and it is required to act fairly, giving due regard and respect to the rules framed by it… It should always be borne in mind that legitimate aspirations of the employees are not guillotined and a situation is not created where hopes end in despair. Hope for everyone is gloriously precious and a model employer should not convert it to be deceitful and treacherous by playing a game of chess with their seniority.”

Supreme Court

“I am not saying that we would definitely change the number, but we will certainly revisit our strategy.”

RBI Governor D Subbarao, on “ideal” inflation target

We have been growing rather too fast in the last five-six years, so in my opinion, a correction was due and that correction is taking place, so therefore, there is no gloom… This is the right time for a second kick-off, it is a reality check happening and the companies are in best position to take advantage to kick-off the second phase of growth.”

BSNL chief R. K. Upadhyay, on telecom sector

We do not intend to change the policy (of auction of spectrum).”

Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal

We expect and appeal to the Maldives Government to honour international law. Any termination is unlawful and against the due process of law. Any force will be seen impacting Indian interests. We have been assured by the country’s Defence Minister, who is also the acting Transport Minister, that force will not be used to remove us from Maldives airport.”

GMR Airports Chief Financial Officer Sidharath Kapur

If we are also importing coal in a big way after crude, then a lot of the foreign currency will go away and if it is not matched by exports from the country, there will be pressure on the rupee. The rupee will depreciate over a period of time. It is all the more important for us that we reduce the dependence on import for the sector where we have the availability in the country.”

JSPL Director and Chief Financial Officer

Sushil Maroo

“As we said yesterday, we do import whenever there are local supply-side issues. We imported French fries this year due to unprecedented consumer demand; and constraints from the supply side. However, the import figure is a small proportion in comparison to our local sourcing.”

Fast food chain McDonald’s, on controversy over import of French fries

Published on December 08, 2012
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