Podcast| US Stocks: Spotting diamonds in the rough

Hari Viswanath |Kumar Shankar Roy | Updated on: Jun 04, 2022

Kumar Shankar Roy and Hari Viswanath discuss the current status of US stock markets. where it is headed, and how you optimise on the opportunity

Beneath the volatility in headline indices, the US markets have seen a sea of red with many stocks that were touted to be the next Google or Facebook, plummeting between 70-90 per cent in the last year. The correction has started spreading and even many high-quality blue chips have seen deep corrections.

Thus the US markets appear to be at crossroads. What is driving this volatility? How long can the pain last? How can you take advantage of it? Listen on for some interesting insights on this topic.

Published on Jun 04, 2022


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