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SRIVIDHYA SIVAKUMAR | Updated on February 19, 2011

With the results season over, the next triggers for the markets will come from the upcoming Railway and Union Budgets. Here's a sneak peek into the tug of war between our panellists: Aashka, the innate bull; and Pramod, the not-so-bullish.

Aashka: What a week it has been! At last, some semblance of bulls returning to the market… gosh… the thought itself makes me happy.

Pramod: C'mon! Grow up… A week of positive gains in the market and you think its all back to the good old days, hmmm? With so many scams and scandals to deal with, you think institutional investors will look only at the faint silver lining? Give me a break… I am sure there is more pain left in the markets.

Aashka: Ah! You truly are a pessimist. The PM has reiterated that he will bring the many culprits of the many scams to justice. Let's cut him some slack, shall we? Besides, India has only seen over $1.5 billion worth of outflows so far. This seems like nothing compared to the $54 billion of portfolio inflows we have seen in the last two years.

Pramod: Well, some people really like to live in the happiness of their glorious pasts! May I remind you that as far as investing in the markets is concerned, it is always about the future. Do you think we can see another $54 billion of inflows in the next two years? Difficult to answer that with conviction, right?

Aashka: Of course it is not easy to answer that! But who would have said the same two years back? My friend, money has to come where there is growth! India will grow at 8.5 per cent this year too… So, I would say it is only a matter of time before monies return. Besides, inflation and interest rates are short-term worries.

Pramod: Anyway, what do you think about the upcoming Union Budget? It sure will give the right picture of the Government's reform agenda.

Aashka: At last, we have something to agree about. I hope the Budget is as strong and clear in its agenda as the Indian cricket fans' aspiration of the elusive World Cup. The industry wish lists are pouring in… while some are genuine and much-needed; there are some ludicrous ones too! What's wrong in wishing, as they say?

Pramod: Don't say that! I am wishing hard that India wins the World Cup this time. After all, isn't wishing the first step towards fulfilment?

Aashka: Ah! If only you could be half as optimistic and confident about our markets! But for now, let's not to steal the thunder from Pranab da and Mamata didi! Wonder what the cash-strapped Railways would present this time?

Pramod: Well, some ‘social schemes' and more trains to West Bengal! Don't forget the state assembly elections are due in April.

Aashka: Well, let's not speculate so much. A week, and we will have our answers.

Pramod: Yeah, but by then the World Cup fever would have taken over!

Published on February 19, 2011

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