Be it sticking a workout routine or starting the ritual of journaling every morning - new habits can be tricky to build and even trickier to sustain over a period of time. There’s only so far that the initial enthusiasm can take you, and that’s exactly where these apps pitch in to be your digital cheerleaders, and nudge you to keep at it.


Avocation is a cutesy little app that aids you in forming new habits (hopefully all good ones)! Say you want to develop a habit of drinking two litres of water a day, you can key in that goal. Each time you have a litre, tap on the water icon and it marks the habit as halfway complete. The icons can be customised and the overall layout is visually appealing. Apart from letting you set these goals, Avocation also has mini-chapters on the  science behind habits. These make for quick, informative reads and tell you why we need habits, how to create habit loops and the potential challenges we could face on the way.

Available on App Store and Google Play


Creating new habits and associated tasks you need to do to get there are the basics that this app cover. However, the more attractive bit is that it already comes with tonnes of pre-programmed routines that you can use off the bat, and can also be customised to your needs. For example, there’s a routine called ‘The 30-Day Social Media Detox’. Here you repeat three habits through the week - take a break from social media, enjoy a screen-free hobby and  turn off phone notifications. The associated tasks are to find a screen-free hobby you like and track time spent on social media on each day. These pre-programmed options already save you from the mental load of figuring out goals and the tasks that help you get there. 

Available on App Store and Google Play

Loop Habit Tracker 

Loop is the most straightforward, no-nonsense habit tracker you’ll ever use. Create a habit,  alongside a question that the app asks you every day. For example, “How many steps did you walk today?” You can set a time-based reminder where the app will ask you this question and you can long-press to check off this habit. It also shows you your best habit streaks over a period of time, making sure you stay motivated and on track. 

Available on App Store and Google Play

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This one’s specifically for the avid reader in you, or if you want to be on your way to becoming one! This exclusive reading habit trackers lets you add books manually, from Google or by scanning a barcode. Once added, you can choose which month you want to be reading it and also set a target date by which you want to finish reading that book. You can update reading progress like you would on Goodreads, but the really cool bit is the app also gives you your reading time, reading speed and your average pace of reading. With the premium version you get to set a reading plan for the days ahead, which would be especially helpful for getting some academic reading done.

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