Samsung's The Wall: A larger-than-life TV experience

Our Bureau | Updated on: Dec 06, 2021

Luxury entertainment is raised to another level with a large-format MicroLED display.

India’s disposable-income families have a treat in store. Samsung has announced the world’s first modular MicroLED display with 0.8mm pixel pitch technology to be available in India in 146 inch with 4K definition, 219 inch with 6K definition and 292 inch with 8K definition. In whatever size you choose, the picture all but fills the wall. The coverage has only been possible with projectors, though not from a short-throw distance and certainly not with this quality of picture. 

The picture is so large, viewers are more or less in the picture. It’s much like having your own movie theatre — certainly you’d never need to visit one if you owned a Wall. As room-filling as it is, the Wall can allow you to rill the room with friends and family and feast on movies.


The Wall is actually a modular LED display and if one part were to develop any problems can be hot-swapped for another. Other than just regular movie viewing, the Wall has characteristics borrowed from Samsung’s Frame TV, which means it has amazing wallpapers one can just stare at for sheer meditation or display art on making it look like a giant framed painting.

One can even choose background textures to blend into the actual wall in a room. The TV also senses the light in a room and adjusts accordingly, making it usable even in a well-lit room or one where daylight is streaming in. It doesn’t need a darkened room, unless one chooses to view in near darkness.

 Interestingly, the Wall has no sound of its own and needs speakers to be bought separately. 

The TV comes with an ‘M Box” which is a sort of media storage serving up content. You can watch a movie, play regular TV content, make a stunning looking presentation in a corporate setting, or immerse yourself in games. The colours you’ll see are strong, but Samsung says nothing has been over-saturated or tampered with — only brought up to display realistically as part of its AI up-scaling, Quantum HDR technology, peak brightness of 2,000 nits and 120Hz video rate add richness to the visual experience.

It includes a ‘Quantum Processor Flex’  enabled with the AI-picture quality engine which delivers optimised picture quality regardless of the original source resolution. Quantum Processor Flex is a machine learning based picture quality engine that analyses millions of image data to automatically calibrate the original low resolution image according to the display. It can be connected to any OS through a physical HDMI input.


With A Skyline View.


The Wall is good for 100,000-hours in its lifetime of its self-light emitting diodes, Samsung says it is designed to never turn off, but to change into a digital canvas best matching the owner’s interior needs and personal mood.

The Wall also comes in a professional version that is geared toward high-end businesses and retail spaces, and, like The Wall Luxury, is customisable.

The price of Samsung’s The Wall will range from ₹3.5 crore to ₹12 crore (exclusive of taxes) for 146-inch, 219-inch and 292-inch variants and will be available in India from December 5, 2019.

Published on December 24, 2019
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