Why cutting costs is a priority for businesses

Bhaskar Bhat/Nitin Bhatt

During recession, a recurring narrative was of organisations undertaking a slew of cost opti... »

‘Time on work’ more vital than ‘time in office’

Shirish Deodhar, CEO, Sapience Analytics

Niharika M

Shirish Deodhar, founder and CEO of Sapience Analytics, in mailed responses to The New Manager,... »

How do you stack up?

Our Bureau

The IMD Global Leader Index shows users where they stand as global leaders, how they... »

Reorienting organisations for gen-next

Sachin Adhikari

We call them Millennials, GenY, Gen Next, the MySpace Generation, to name a few. Whatever we cho... »

The virtue of ‘virtual’ rebirth

Vikram Duvvoori

How traditional enterprise can adopt digital transformation »

When to take the plunge?

Dinesh Singh

Starting a company requires more than just skill; attitude and environment matter »

Make in India: A tectonic shiftfor human resources

George Skaria

The Modi Govt drew up a blueprint for 25 focus sectors »


OFFICE LIFEWork means workplace!Flexi-work may be the current buzzword, but most Indians still do most of their work at the workplace, according to the second Global Evolving Workforc... »

There’s somethin’ about the Internet of Things

Nimish Vohra

Picture a managerial Utopia — your professional and personal lives are managed for you by invisible assistants who do all the humdrum tasks, while you chuckle away with the credit. Imagine an o... »


How to evaluate a CEO’s performance

Mishti Bose

It is important for a board to be diligent in evaluating a CEO’s performance. The human resource team usually collects inputs from various sources and assesses individual performance on... »

Human Resource

Drucker’s test for people managers

C Mahalingam

Can be a useful self-reflection tool for managers »

NGOs, invest in leadership development

Says management consultancy McKinsey & Company, whose research suggests that chronic underinvestment in management leadership development puts at risk the social sector’s capabili... »

Ten New Year resolutions for CEOs to focus on

Martin Roll

To create winning strategies and building global brands »

Executive summary

COMPENSATIONWorkers, unite!A coalition of 500 employers led by Teamlease has petitioned the government to allow employees the freedom to choose how their salary is paid and contributi... »

A millennial mindset will determine the future of businesses

Samir Dhir

The term millennials is a misnomer. The general tendency to think of millennials as teenagers is flawed as millennials are born after 1980. A majority of the millennial customers with pu... »


Are best practices really for the best?

C Mahalingam

For years now, benchmarking has been a craze among HR professionals. Adopting best practices from other firms was regarded a progressive people practice. HR conferences were well attended to li... »


The Good Samaritan way to career growth

Meera Siva

Is there a way to boost your career by spending time away from work? »

How to amplify a content strategy on social media

Nisha Shantilal

Social media’s peer-to-peer influence marketing is the most credible source of advertising now »

Putting the human aspect of the employee first is in the larger interest of companies »

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