Coaching for the corner office


A few years ago, Venkat was all set to be anointed CEO of a large global recruiting company h... »

Joyous employees, happy company

Shades of happiness Organisations have discovered that a happy
employee is a productive one.

Sangeetha Chengappa

 A pithy message on a poster displayed prominently in the foyer of a mid-sized IT s... »

What is your organisation’s Pygmalion Quotient?

C Mahalingam

Pygmalion is nothing new to those in management circles. Dr Sterling Livingston wrote a classic... »

Executive Summary

Fit employees, happy company

Recent reports say that almost 65 per cent of young adults in India have blood pressure within the pre-hypertensive and hypertensive range, and that... »

The importance of asking ‘why’ during negotiations

Kamal K Jain

Questions are a negotiator’s best and most under utilised tools. To best see it in action watch a Ted Talk by Simon Sinek, the author of Start with why, on how great leaders inspire action.... »

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: You’re in trouble!

If you are an employee in a major Indian corporate troubled by your conscience, you are unlikely to get much organisational support if you wanted to blow the whistle on internal... »

The new-age CFO and his many avatars

Deepak Narayanan

The one key element that has changed the way of doing business is the flow of information. The new-age CFO must now realise that he is no longer expected to linger in the background and su... »


CRISIS MANAGEMENTYes, there’s an app!Solity, a New Zealand software developer, has developed a mobile platform which transfers the crisis response procedures of organisations o... »

Longevity is the name of the game for a successful career

Alf Harris

Writer and philosopher Elbert Hubbard said, “Work to become, not to acquire”. A career is like a sapling – it needs to be nurtured for it to blossom. Young workers should be paying great... »


Why we need more women in the C-suite

Pradipti Jayaram

“Real change will come when powerful women are less of an exception,” says Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg in her book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead. These words will reson... »


Steering India’s healthcare sector

Jacob Jacob

The 24x7 nature of the job in healthcare needs leaders who are selfless and are driven by missionary zeal »

Evolving a game plan for PSU banks

Suresh Srinivasan

What are the capabilities required in the long-term to be competitive, satisfy customers and also provide returns to the shareholders? »

Made for each other?

Pabrai opted for standalone ice cream shops for his franchisees, where storage is possible but the supply is done from a central location.

Preeti Mehra

While the onus for driving franchisees to grow the business lies with the franchisor, the former must reinvent themselves to stay afloat »

Getting the best out of consultants

Why B-schools need to go social


‘India is a strategic market for global hiring’

Education and jobs: Mind the gap


Small practices make a big impact

Satya D Sinha

When it comes to translating a company’s vision and mission into results, there is no denying the importance of first-level entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs today are ones who cha... »

Why it pays to under pay your star employee

Srinivas Bhogle

Hiring good people and retaining them is very difficult. Most companies, and many employees, believe that the only way to do this is by continuously increasing their compensation. But thi... »

Mid-career executives make a beeline for global degrees

Chetna Mehra

After spending 14 years working in the marketing and communication domain in various organisations, like other senior-level executives, Rajeshree Naik was looking forward to a functional leader... »


Ten tips for budding leaders

Vinay Mantha

It was the year 2011. By then I had lived in the United States for 14 years, and the desire to return to my motherland only kept getting stronger by the year. I was, however, clear that I will... »


How Bharat’s new CEO inspired on I-Day

Gopinath Menon

For the last three decades, I have regularly watched the Independence day broadcast, but have never felt as charged or motivated by any as the one delivered this year. Hence, I though... »

To move ahead fast, learn lifelong

Tirna Ray

From case studies to global master’s and ethical pledges, traditional MBA programmes have gone through significant changes in recent times. The latest focus, however, is on lifelong learning.»


Demand for senior pros up

With growth showing signs of revival, demand for senior management professionals is on the up, says online jobs portal It’s online employment index for June, based on jobs posted... »

Connecting through storytelling

C Mahalingam

The skill has the potential to engage employees at all levels, especially, the millennials »


ENTREPRENEURSHIP Indian women continue to lag The gender gap is alive and well in Indian corporate offices, according to a global survey by computing hardware-mak... »

Uncertainty begets opportunity

Stefan Thomke

No product or service can be a product or service without first having been an idea that was shaped through experimentation »

In pursuit of happiness

When it’s all in the family

Teachers as friends, friends as teachers

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Swiss big cheese in innovation

Profit, planet, people

Many top managers are seeking out coaches to enhance their skill-sets and self-awareness as they grapple with tumultuous changes »

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