Noshir Kaka, Managing Director, India, of McKinsey & Company,
Noshir Kaka, Managing Director, India, of McKinsey & Company,

‘Technology will be the major disruptor for India Inc’

Vinay Kamath

The keynote speaker at the recent annual convocation of the Madras Management Association, No... »

There are mostly bosses, no leaders


Sridhar Ganesh

Can there be two sets of managers in this world, bosses and leaders? It felt a bit flawed to... »

Investing in leadership pays off

A survey of 1,260 plus companies by BCG shows that companies with strong leadership... »

The customer is king. Really?

S Sriram   

Business leaders and CEOs always held that customer is king. Peter Drucker, the ultimate guru... »

How to build a dream career

Meera Siva

Lessons from the life of Kal Raman »
Executive Summary

Customer management

Forget the app, get people!

The use of social media and mobile apps for customer service has doubled since 2011, but according to NICE's Global Customer Experience Survey... »

Prevailing in a world of disruptive innovation

Sanjay Modi

New technologies could either create a whole new market or transform the delivery of a product/service »

Learning to live with competition

Piya Mukherjee

One does not have to run the rat race; there are other ways to handle corporate life »


Act now, think later

A new book by Herminia Ibarra, an INSEAD professor, argues that you have to act your way into a new type of leadership thinking, instead of thinking... »

How to integrate young managers into family businesses

Ajit Patil

Family-managed businesses have their own culture. Young managers get a cultural shock when they join these organisations. Most of them have a tough time absorbing and adjusting to this culture. We... »

Why threats are not your best bet in negotiation

Kamal K Jain

Donald G. Gifford, in his book Legal Negotiation: Theory and Applications, describes a threat as “a conditional commitment by a negotiator to act in a way that appears detrimental t... »

Making peace with the present

Ajoy Chawla

Transient experiences matter more than milestones »

Is a business school education worth it?

H-Factor: More Harvard alumni now occupy the corner office than MBAs
from all the non-US business schools combined. F11PHOTO/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM

Rajkamal Rao

The real value of an MBA cannot be ascertained based on considerations of either the first paycheque or the graduate making the C-suite »

The four states of organisational knowledge

 Mohit Kishore

Tapping into these could accelerate the evolution of an organisation »

What brain drain?

TALENTWhat brain drain?Concern about “brain drain” of executives from developing countries who work in mature markets is misplaced because such “indirect” learning abroad is cr... »

Do you have the makings of a strategist?

Satya D Sinha

Today, corporate strategy has become the bailiwick of leaders, managers and analysts. Strategy has become more about formulation than implementation, and more about analysis at the outset than liv... »

Apprenticeships can make India’s youth matter

Kishore Jayaraman

How many young Indians are familiar with the concept of an apprenticeship? Not many. Apprenticeships programmes are prevalent in countries with developed industry such as the US and UK.... »

Putting the human aspect of the employee first is in the larger interest of companies »

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