Hey, has anybody called HR to this meeting?
Hey, has anybody called HR to this meeting?
Human Resource

Why HR needs a role in business strategy

Anubhav Srivastav

Strategic work today is considered to be a high profile role in any organisational set-up. Wh... »

Tech marketing is the key for start-ups

Manish Godha

The genesis of a start-up is when an entrepreneur sees an opportunity to build and deliv... »

A bigger bang for your MBA buck

Jatin Bhandari

There are close to 4,000 business schools in India, and more than 3.5 lakh graduate from thes... »

Adding some masala to management lessons

Padmini Sharathkumar

Like many moms of my generation, I share a love-hate relationship with my kitchen.It i... »

How good is your pension?

If you’re Indian, the answer is: very poor indeed. India’s retirement system continues to r... »

New Manager


How to get the best out of people

Rajeev Bhardwaj

Employee productivity is a crucial aspect of the success dynamics of a company and it takes m... »

New Manager


Leadership in a difficult situation

Rajul Garg

Let me try to take an example of a difficult situation that I have seen through, try to obser... »

New Manager

The Indian Promise

A strong and vibrant... ... »

The Indian Promise

A strong and vibrant... ... »

Leadership in a difficult situation

Rajul Garg

Let me try to take an example of a difficult situation that I have seen through, try to observe what we did well and not so well and then try and come up with a framework that you can take away... »

A magic formula for motivation

C Mahalingam

One of the most elusive challenges for leaders revolves around getting people to be enthused and energised on a continuous basis. Engaging and energising people occasionally is not difficult, b... »

Data Management

Taking the 5S philosophy to the CIO’s office

Ramachandran S

Continuous improvement is important in today’s corporate world to remove non-value adding activities and improve the system. It gives employees at all levels a feeling of motivation and inclusi... »


Make sure your stars don’t wane into comets

C Mahalingam

Organisations often find themselves short on talent, especially at the senior levels. This can happen despite internal promotion and succession plans. After all, there is just not enough l... »

‘Today, leadership is all about global thinking’

Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach,
author and speaker from the US

Sangeetha Chengappa

At 65, Dr Marshall Goldsmith is a breath of fresh air. He is known as one of the world’s top CEO coaches and is the author of 34 books including bestsellers such as MOJO and What got... »


When hardsell campaigns go awry on the Web

Shekhar Dasgupta

Companies are increasingly taking their irresistible marketing deals online, where gratification is instantaneous. Be it from sale of condos and hotel rooms to airline tickets and smartphones.... »


Women make a big difference

Companies with higher female participation at Board level or in top management exhibit higher returns, higher valuations and higher payout ratios, according to a report by Credit Suis... »

Joyous employees, happy company

Shades of happiness Organisations have discovered that a happy
employee is a productive one.

Sangeetha Chengappa

 A pithy message on a poster displayed prominently in the foyer of a mid-sized IT services firm caught my attention. It said ‘You won’t need kidneys in heaven. But someone could use t... »

Executive Summary

Fit employees, happy company

Recent reports say that almost 65 per cent of young adults in India have blood pressure within the pre-hypertensive and hypertensive range, and that... »

The importance of asking ‘why’ during negotiations

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: You’re in trouble!

The new-age CFO and his many avatars


How to get the best out of people

Rajeev Bhardwaj

Employee productivity is a crucial aspect of the success dynamics of a company and it takes more than the employee’s potential to increase productivity. Set capability aside, and a number of en... »

Executive summary

WORK The lure of going abroad A recent Boston Consulting Group survey finds that the US, UK and Canada are the most popular destinations for those from other countries wan... »

How to put people back in HR

Chetna Mehra

Wayne F Cascio, Distinguished University Professor at the University of Colorado Denver has authored and edited more than 27 books on human resource management and holds the Robert H Reynolds C... »

Executive Summary

WORKPLACE Creativity rules When asked about their employment preferences, “a creative and dynamic work environment” is the most sought-after attribute for engineering stu... »

How to turn challenges into opportunities

Consumer goods companies are those which produce goods to be sold to distributors and further at retail outlets. However, these companies constantly face unique and evolving challenges whi... »
CEO Speak

Be niche or go broad: A question of strategy

Gowri Shankar Subramanian

The default advice given to every emerging company is to focus on a niche — to select a specific, well-defined area and become really good at it to be able to win against bigger competitors. »


How far can you really go into the forest?

C Mahalingam

In a pathbreaking video, Power of Vision, Joel Parker makes an emphatic case for how progress follows a well-defined vision and its pursuit. Success in one’s career requires a balance of... »


What is your organisation’s Pygmalion Quotient?

C Mahalingam

Pygmalion is nothing new to those in management circles. Dr Sterling Livingston wrote a classic article titled Pygmalion in Management in the Harvard Business Review in 1998 and it was repu... »

Coaching for the corner office


A few years ago, Venkat was all set to be anointed CEO of a large global recruiting company headquartered in the UK. He had served the company well for many years in different capacities and no... »


Small practices make a big impact

Satya D Sinha

When it comes to translating a company’s vision and mission into results, there is no denying the importance of first-level entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs today are ones who cha... »

Why it pays to under pay your star employee

Mid-career executives make a beeline for global degrees

Ten tips for budding leaders

Putting the human aspect of the employee first is in the larger interest of companies »

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