Profit, planet, people

Returning after 23 years to India, which he had left in 1987 after an MBA in marketing,... »

Managing through the lens of Karma Yoga

Its fundamental premise is that one is entitled only to perform actions, but not necessarily to the fruits of those actions
Modern performance management in organisations relies largely on rewards that are based on outco... »

Mismatch between skills and jobs

Youth unemployment and underemployment have reached critical levels and are expected to continue... »
Web matters

Search habits of job-seekers

Engineering graduates in Hyderabad are taking informed decisions. According to a survey conducte... »

Seven mantras for an engaged workforce

It makes business sense: engagement and performance are positively correlated
Simply put, engagement goes beyond satisfaction and is a condition when one successfully establi... »

Teachers as friends, friends as teachers

Think big: A student of IIM Indore raises a question during the speech

Your generation is very different and very blessed. You will enter the business world and society when India is a force to reckon with. This wasn’t the case two decades ago. India matters today... »


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Swiss big cheese in innovation

Switzerland, the UK and Sweden topped this year’s Global Innovation Index, while Sub-Saharan Africa posted significant regional improvement in the annual rank... »

Jobs hard to latch on to

Who says education is a good bet? According to the latest Country Financial Security Index survey, just 48 per cent of Americans say college is still a good financial investment. Perhaps the post-... »

Time to forget recession?

Human ResourcesTime to forget recession?As the global economy gains momentum, new research from strategy advisory CEB reveals that just 1 in 16 (six per cent) companies are equ... »

There is no such thing called HR any more

On May 10, 1984, I entered Cadbury House on Bhulabhai Desai Road, better known as Breach Candy, Mumbai, to start my career as an HR professional with the company. Thirty years on, I feel a... »

Healthy employees are good for business

Employee's health, company's wealth: From stress to weight management programmes — all are now essential elements of a good employer’s health and productivity strategy. About 10 years ago, when one spoke of companies focusing on employee health and wellbeing, it usually meant the organisation’s health insurance plan or medical facility available to staffe... »

B-schools are betting on exotic specialty areas

Management education has come a long way since the days when it was predominantly focused on operations, finance, marketing and HR. Today, business schools offer a wide array of specialisa... »

How about a campus interview for employers?

Downsize. Right-size. Cut the extra flab. They all sound like ads for selling weight-loss gadgets. But they are phrases which even a first year MBA student will recognise and relate to. ... »

Why academic, gender diversity is imperative in B-schools

Puja Das talks excitedly about her new role as President of the graduate student board of the Hyderabad-based Indian School of Business. Conversing in the sandstone-coloured wind-swept cavernous a... »

How firms can prepare for a VUCA world

An established statistic states that 75 per cent of companies in existence today will face an incident in the next 18-24 months which can potentially shut down the company. According to Ga... »

New insight into old problems

Charting her course to the board room

Singapore, top transfer destination

Your office in your smartphone

Data, up in the cloud

The Infosys leadership conundrum

Worldwide Web widens

Growth, talent and unity: Secret sauce for the family business

‘India is a strategic market for global hiring’

Natalia Shuman, Senior VP Kelly
Services for APAC, EMEA and North Asia

The US-based Kelly Services, a $5.4 billion workforce solutions’ company for several Fortune 500 clients, has provided jobs for 5.4 lakh candidates during 2013. In an interview, the company’s S... »

Education and jobs: Mind the gap

It’s something we have known for a while, that industry finds the graduates universities are churning out unsuitable for the jobs they are offering. That there is a mismatch between what’s being t... »

For CMOs, data are the new age fuel

Biggest boon With today’s shrinking budgets, big data and analytics help CMOs do more targeted marketing, not mass-based but individual-based The good news is that marketing executives keenly understand the challenges involved in transitioning from an analogue to a digital universe. The bad news is that they’re still unprepare... »

How IIM-A is readying managers of tomorrow

Ashish Nanda, Director, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

It’s been some homecoming for Ashish Nanda. In September it will be a year since he took over as Director at his alma mater and India’s top B-school, the Indian Institute of Management,... »

How a CIO can have the CEO’s ear

Here is how a typical introspective conversation plays out inside a CEO’s head: “I wish my Chief Marketing Officer knew where those marketing budgets are going. What is working an... »

Why sensing is better than diagnosis in consulting

‘Diagnosing’, often times the beginning of engagement between a consultant and an organisation, has been variously defined as ‘investigating nature and cause of disease,’ ‘opinion derived... »

Executive summary

EXECUTIVE PAY ‘Scrap CEO pay limits for start-ups’ Apex industry body ASSOCHAM has urged the Corporate Affairs Ministry to immediately scrap Section 196, Section 19... »

Engineering the perfect print

The essence of Epson Corporation’s management mantra lies in the Japanese tradition of Monozukuri (the art and science of manufacturing) and putting into practice the Sho Sho Sei tec... »

A job well done? Say it now

A lot has been said about people working for people and not for companies. Let’s face it, that’s the focal point of many a managerial issue today. In fact, the whole system of stack rankin... »

The rise of omni-channels

RETAILThe rise of omni-channelsAs mobile commerce comes of age, one of the biggest challenges facing CEOs is managing the transformation to omni-channel retail. However, only 3... »

Leveraging the mobile app explosion

How Pepsi is building its future leadership

Accenture hunts for innovators

On being Paul

Can the Tata group make some tough calls?

What glass ceiling?

More worries for CEOs

For decades, Mumbai’s crumbling urban transport infrastructure has struggled to cope with the daily demands of its masses. The city’s response to this pressure has been slow and disjointed. In recent... »

Jay Robotix trains students in robotics technology »

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