Ananthanarayanan Seshan, Economic Consultant, holds degrees of MA in Economics and MSc in Agricultural Economics (US). He joined the economic research department of the Reserve Bank of India in 1956 and retired as its Officer-in-Charge in 1993. Subsequently, he worked as IMF Adviser to National Bank of Kyrgyzstan and Bank of Sierra Leone. His articles on economics, music, dance, politics, travel and sports number more than 250. He was a member of 18 official committees, including those set up by the IMF and UNDP. He is a former Editor of RBI Bulletin and RBI Occasional Papers and Founder-Editor of BSL Bulletin.

A new normal for inflation?

Accepting high prices is not just a problem per se; it also complicates exchange rate management »

Status quo would have been better

The monetary authority should consider instruments other than interest rates to control money supply, disinflation, »

Aiming at inflation

In policy making, targeting inflation can be the anchor. There is still some reluctance on the RBI’s part in shifting to CPI vis-à-vis WPI. »

For forex, turn to NRIs

As in 1991, a foreign exchange immunities scheme for NRIs that does not dig into antecedents will help our cause. »

The RBI tweaks it right

The central bank has done well to take a serious view of inflation. However, it should be just as serious about mopping up forex to prepare for an eventual QE withdrawal. »

Rajan walks the tightrope

By hiking repo rate and pruning marginal standing facility and daily CRR requirement, the RBI Governor seeks to reconcile inflation and growth objectives. »

Can’t take a benign view of inflation

The RBI cannot afford to brush aside price rise, while addressing growth. »

RBI’s unanswered questions

Its Annual Report could have spelt out the implications of an independent debt management office and offshore banking units. »

Throwback to 1991? Not really

We are better off than in 1991. Capital controls should be seen as a temporary measure to tide over the current crisis rather than our going back to an earlier era. »

Can’t afford to take it easy

The RBI has got it right. It should be thanked for not upsetting the apple cart with further measures. »
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