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The Indo-Pak war we’re losing

Pakistani serials score over Hindi fare on our television channels. When will Indian producers get real? »

Of a rickety ride, rye bread and unstressed meat

Riding at the rear end of one of the most rickety jeeps ever on a rocky terrain on a wet, slippery day can be an adventure. More so if you are driving, or rather bouncing, through one of the most... »

Déjà vu in Pakistan

Its fragile democracy is once again under threat. Nawaz Sharif must take some of the blame »

Some distinctly anti-federal rumblings

The Prime Minister’s grandstanding on taking States along came a cropper during his visits to non-BJP-ruled States »

Modi speaks for the Indian Woman

Considering the political class’ appalling lack of gender sensitivity, his Red Fort address was a breath of fresh air »

Tamil Nadu farmers reap rich dividends through watershed projects

Recreating water bodies, improved farming techniques yield better income »

The ISIS has to be stopped

This time, the US intervention in Iraq is justified, but Europe has chosen to watch from the sidelines »

As India drags its feet over Gaza...

…Israel gets away with a mounting civilian body count, especially children, in the name of self-preservation »

Ban this barbarous practice!

Why condemn the ISIS alone? India’s prosperous Dawoodi Bohra community also practises female genital mutilation »

Profit, planet, people

Returning after 23 years to India, which he had left in 1987 after an MBA in marketing, to study communication in the US, Nagesh Rao, President and Director of MICA, Ahmedabad, is amazed t... »
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