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Profit, planet, people

Returning after 23 years to India, which he had left in 1987 after an MBA in marketing, to study communication in the US, Nagesh Rao, President and Director of MICA, Ahmedabad, is amazed t... »

Put technology in a woman’s hands

And see how she maximises its potential and reach. It’s a powerful tool for economic progress across the spectrum »

What’s even worse than rape?

It’s the notion that a raped woman has lost her ‘honour’, and all that makes life worth living »

Politically correct... and more

Huge expectations – such as a tax holiday for incomes upto ₹5 lakh - riding on the BJP-led government’s maiden Budget were destined for disappointment as no dispensation has a magic bullet to cure... »

Of course, she can’t have it all

It’s an old debate about working moms, and different women deal with it differently. But they deal with it »

Tribal youth drive away to a better tomorrow

That run-of-the mill training initiatives jointly undertaken by corporates and State governments do change some lives dramatically has been proved by Vijay Bhai, a 26-year- old tribal youth from a... »

Existential crisis for Muslim moderates

As the civil war in Iraq worsens, Muslims across the globe are caught in yet another quagmire »

As Iraq plunges into civil war

It’s a reminder that Saddam Hussein’s feared Baathist brigade is still around. How will Baghdad stand up to the ISIS onslaught? »

From homemaker to entrepreneur

 In 2008 when her husband passed away due to renal failure, her daughter and son were only 19 and 16. Even though a trained teacher, 47-year-old Anasuya Gupta had hardly worked for six months... »

Towards a uniform civil code

Tackled sensitively, the move will liberate Muslim women »
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