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Salman verdict — read the fine print

While the court has become everyone’s favourite punching bag, its reasoning cannot be dismissed altogether »

Sri Lanka rediscovers itself

Six years after the civil war, the island nation reaches out to the world with its natural beauty and innate civility »

India lacks a messiah for microcredit

Muhammad Yunus gave Bangladesh’s rural women a voice and transformed the economy. Why can’t it happen here? »

And now, buy breast milk online

There are many takers for this in the West. But it’s a trend fraught with danger, not least for the babies »

The meaninglessness of March 8

Gender discrimination, and worse, is pervasive. Power brutally expresses itself in abuse of a woman’s body »

Dreaming the impossible dream

If we can make India polio-free, then complete literacy by 2017 or 2018 is doable too. Social leaders show how »

While the aam aadmi and aurat wait

Now that the drama of the Delhi election is done, the AAP must deliver on its promises to the vast and toiling majority »

A world exploding with violence

From the Islamic State’s ghastly killings to shootouts in the US, there seems to be no let up »

Freedom of expression is never absolute

Making religion and religious symbols the butt of jokes is going too far. So is retaliating with violence »

Winning a crown full of thorns

To whom can the PDP turn to for government formation in J&K? With what face will it justify a deal with the BJP? »
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