At least at one time in our life, we have all felt a burning sensation or else a rumble in our stomach after we eat something heavy. Chances are its acidity. But if its frequent, then you need to be careful as it could lead to drastic health issues.

While its impact can range from minimal to severe, the ways to solve it is easy and it calls for a conscious dietary change. Here’s where Hyderabad-based nutritionist Nikhil Chaudhary aims to create an awareness. Through his book, The Burning Solution, he answers the simple science behind acidity and how he diagnosed his patients with insightful anecdotes.


1. How did the idea behind The Burning Solution come about?

It was empathy towards people suffering from acidity. For more than a decade, I have been dealing with patients suffering from various conditions including cancer, diabetes, liver diseases, obesity. I found that almost everyone had acidity issues.

I was a victim of acidity myself during my college days. Eventually I found that the solutions are very simple. It worked for almost all my patients. I felt the urge to share it with the world. And that’s how this book became a reality.


2. Why do you think people should be aware of the harmful effects of acidity?

Acidity can lead to a form of tissue injury known as Barrett’s Oesophagus, which progresses to cancer. Acidity is considered as a normal part of adult life by people. Ignorance is dangerous. It must be addressed as a signal by the body to take corrective actions.

People take wrong steps in desperation to heal acidity. Most common example would be fasting and Intermittent fasting. Awareness gives us a window to understand what is happening and how it could lead to a possible cure using home based natural foods. This empowers them and reduces their anxiety and stress.


3. What are some common misconceptions people have when they think of acidity?

‘Acidity is common therefore it is normal’. Common does not imply normal. It must be attended to. ‘It is okay to pop a pill and go about by our regular routine’. No! We must pause, listen to our body symptoms, act and then go about by our normal routine. ‘Acidity cannot be cured’.

In my experience of treating patients from across the world, I have found that most people are able to cure their acidity easily. Most common misconceptions revolve around the symptoms. It is both interesting and confusing to find what symptoms acidity can cause. Sometimes even fluctuation in blood pressure and breathlessness is caused by acidity.


4. In your book, you have written numerous anecdotes of your patients to whom you recommended dietary changes. It will be great if you could explain the science behind how you diagnosed them.

Diagnosis of these patients is mostly done by the symptoms they have and history they suffered from. They are diagnosed of having acidity by their respective physicians and specialists and tried multiple treatments like allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy, etc before they came to me.

The first part of the book is dedicated to identifying acidity symptoms. Once you identify the symptoms you can self-diagnose yourself for acidity. Some health conditions like a heart attack can manifest as acidity in people and these conditions must be ruled out.

Assuming it to be acidity could be deadly. Every person has a different body. The diet has to be specified accordingly. But the framework that works to cure acidity can be applied to all the needs and dietary plans.


5. It was quite alarming to read stories of your patients, middle-aged folks in their 30s, suffering from serious health issues. What were the common factors you found behind their illness?

While we owe it all to the current diet, lifestyle and the environment, ultimately it is the internal environment of the body that triggers our genes to be activated and deactivated. Most diseases like diabetes, cancers, hypertension, infertility, obesity, etc are lifestyle diseases.

Some common factors that could increase the chance of getting diseased include unhealthy eating patterns, consumption of processed foods, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy sleep patterns, among others.


6. You have recommended a diet plan for readers in the last chapters of your book. Can you also suggest ways how someone can stick to it regularly and develop a habit?

Acidity diet plan is probably the easiest in the world. No restrictions in food quantities, no specific foods, no herbs, no medicines, no branded foods. 100 per cent natural home-based foods available in your own place.

The ultimate aim is to be able to get relief from the symptoms of acidity and not require any medicine. The whole book is written in a way that it empowers common people with the knowledge and help them lead a healthy acidity free life.

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About the book
The Burning Solution — Reverse Acidity with Simple Yet Effective Lifestyle Changes by Nikhil Chaudhary
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