The Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) has written to the Executive Director of Air India, seeking immediate redressal of several roster-related grievances that are jeopardising flight safety and pilot well-being. In the letter addressed to the airline’s top management, the ICPA has shed light on the critical issues faced by pilots, citing sleep cycle disruptions, violations of DGCA’s civil aviation regulations, and unethical practices within the organisation.

One major concern highlighted in the letter is disruption in pilots’ sleep cycles due to odd-hour calls from the roster section. This is in direct violation of DGCA CAR guidelines that emphasise on pilot fatigue management to ensure safe flight operations. By addressing this issue, the ICPA aims to safeguard the well-being of flight crew and prevent potential safety risks caused by pilot fatigue.

Furthermore, the letter brings to light the alleged coercion faced by pilots to exceed their stipulated flying or duty hours, despite clear DGCA CAR regulations limiting such extensions. The ICPA emphasises that forcing pilots to fly beyond their designated hours poses significant safety risks and must be rectified without delay. The association also condemned the practice of threatening adverse consequences to pilots who refuse to comply with these demands, highlighting the airline’s shortcomings in ethical practices.

lack of transparency

The lack of transparency and accountability in flight schedule changes is another critical grievance raised by the ICPA. Pilots have reportedly been blindsided by altered schedules, leading to operational issues and delays for which they are unfairly held responsible. This lack of communication not only creates a contentious work environment, but also undermines the airline’s credibility in managing its operations effectively.

Hence, the ICPA urged Air India’s Executive Director to take decisive action. The association stresses the immediate need to rectify roster discrepancies, ensure strict adherence to DGCA CAR guidelines, and foster a safe and supportive work environment for pilots.