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Creating an education journey is perhaps the most important step Indian parents can take for their child’s future. When Malala Yousafzai said, “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world. When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful,” she resonated with us all. It is an uphill climb though until one doesn’t find the right platform for continuous learning and knowledge channelizationwith better customized, on-demand tech.

At Invest4Edu, we believe providing easy access to information, products, and services to start the education journey from nursery to university gets the job done. Dreams are getting bigger, but the cost of education and the challenges kids face at a tender age are growing as well. Invest4Edu is solving this paradox via the fusion of cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, personalised solutions for education planning and timely tests and activities for the child’s comprehensive growth.

It is India’s first Education Planning platform that empowers parents to have it all. It provides solutions to the most challenging aspects of parenting in modern India – seeing one’s children go through all of the primary, secondary, and higher education to make them successful citizens of the world.

Invest4Edu’s founding team consists of industry leaders Peeyush Agrawal, Rozy Efzal, Aditya Agarwala, Tushar Bopche, and Manoj Sharma, who come with decades of experience from diverse yet pertinent domains of Finance, Technology, Research, and Business Delivery.

Imagine having a complete roadmap visible right from start to finish. Peeyush Agrawal, CEO and CDIO, Invest4Edu says, “Education is the most influential enabler in anyone’s life, and it has the power to uplift the whole family and thus can make a significant difference in society. We at Invest4Edu are leveraging technology and science to empower every child to identify and believe in their potential and help their families through an effective financial journey. Most parents are aiming for a good education for their children and a lot of them have higher Indian and foreign education on their minds. If we can match their education goals for their children with tech-based financial planning, we may be bridging the gap for over 10 million Indians, and that is where we are headed.”

Manoj Sharma, Co-founder and Head of Alliances, points out, “Invest4Edu is proactively changing the Higher Education landscape in India. Leading graduation and post-graduation courses will see a 25-50% increase in their costs, as they have in the past few years. Indian parents will encounter huge financial planning challenges while saving for their child’s college education needs. Invest4Edu acknowledges the missing pieces in the traditional education approach. We believe in a proactive approach – planning, achieving, and thriving. We don’t just say it; we do it.”

Invest4Edu provides a unified platform where one can find personalised roadmaps, tailored solutions such as college cost calculator, course and country selector, psychometric tests, and special reports including inputs from experts as well as fact-based statistics and analytics across algorithms. The team believes that young parents, primarily aged 25–40 years of age, in India do understand the benefits of planning early and disciplined savings and investments to achieve milestones for their children.

Invest4Edu offers a comprehensive 5-step strategic program to meet the requirements of this demographic: starting early, goal-setting by creating the education journey, investing wisely to meet those goals, assessing the child’s interests and strengths, and timely adjustment and review for realistic education planning.

Co-founder & Head of Business Strategy, Tushar Bopche adds, “Fortunately, we have seen rising awareness amongst Indians for Systematic Investment Plans which now stands at over $200 Billion in FY23 versus $130 Billion just four years ago. Match that with the tech-enablement we are bringing to solve the specific problems, and our team can do this without worry.”

It offers a range of investment solutions such as Mutual Funds, Insurance, Fixed Deposits and Education Loans. In addition, Invest4Edu provides psychometric tests, career counselling, study abroad planning and expert handholding to complete the entire educational journey.

The company’s USP is to assist parents with a scientific approach and empower them by creating their child’s entire education journey just by a click of a button.

With the nation’s interim budget around the corner, expectations from the team are set, too. Rozy Efzal, Co-founder, comments, “Announcing new centers of excellence in AI is a welcome move along for a transformative learning experience. School education getting prioritized along with infrastructure boost will encourage enrollments. The government recognizes the importance of AI based technology, upskilling and innovation with just not monetary but strategic investments.”

“India is now an education-conscious nation. We are gradually inching towards the number of 6% of GDP allocation in education by both the Central government and State Governments as recommended in NEP 2020. But at 2.9%, the destination is still a bit away. We must expedite this allocation, hopefully in the full-budget in July to ensure our students get the best opportunities throughout their entire education journey,” Aditya Agarwala, Co-founder and Head of Research and Investment, adds.

It isn’t an easy decision to become a parent, especially for the current generation in India, which is hyper-aware of its surroundings and possibilities that may seem distant. But dreams are a constant, regardless of which generation we are in. And these dreams of parents and children to see themselves walking down the journey of formidable education are achievable – just some planning could help.

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