For the second time, the launch of AgniKul ‘Agnibaan SOrTeD’ has been postponed. The launch was scheduled today at 6 a.m from Sriharikota, but was postponed. No reason has been given.

The Chennai-based Agnikul Cosmos was to test-fire an Agnibaan rocket with 3D-printed engine, aiming for suborbital flight trajectory control.

The IIT Madras incubated space start up, had earlier planned the launch on March 22, but deferred it. “Holding our launch out of an abundance of caution based on certain minor observations from the full countdown rehearsals last night. Will keep you all posted on the new date and time,” the company then said on X (Twitter).

Apart from the 3D printed, semi-cryo engine, the rocket was scheduled from India’s first privately-owned launchpad, located inside the Indian space agency ISRO’s Sriharikota spaceport. The launch pad was set up by Agnikul in November 2022.