Goafest, the premier event of the advertising and marketing community is back — but this time in Mumbai.

The Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) and The Advertising Club have chosen the theme — ‘The Age of Adaptability’ for Goafest 2024. It’s a fitting change, as the event in its 17th edition will have to adapt to a change of location for the first time, though of course the theme is appropriate given the momentous challenges the industry is facing.

Scheduled to take place from May 29-31 at Westin Powai, Mumbai, the event aims to highlight the resilience and innovative spirit of the advertising and marketing industries in an era defined by rapid change.

“The theme for Goafest 2024, ‘The Age Of Adaptability’, was chosen to reflect the current ethos of our industry. Adaptability is at the core of what we do — from adjusting to new media platforms to adopting innovative marketing strategies,” said Jaideep Gandhi, Chairperson of the Goafest Organising Committee. “This festival will not only celebrate creativity but also the ability to pivot and thrive amidst challenges.”

Describing how Goafest2024 will have a chameleon as a mascot, Rohit Ohri, Chairperson, Goafest Content committee said, “The chameleon is a creature known for its remarkable adaptive prowess. Like the chameleon, which adjusts its colours to match its environment, our industry too must continuously evolve its strategies and creative approaches to thrive in changing landscapes.”

The ‘Age Of Adaptability’ concept has been created and designed by a young team at Abnormal Design Studios.

Like always, there will be a series of keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops and the Abby Awards, recognising excellence and innovation in advertising.

The Goafest organisers are expecting a significant increase in participation thanks to the event being hosted in Mumbai. Registrations are now open and early bird rates are available until May 15th.