The taste of home

Brooke Bond Red Label along with Ogilvy India serves up a lovely film that touches your heart. An elderly lady, played beautifully by Sulabha Arya, offers an anxious young man in a hospital waiting room a cup of tea from her flask. “It tastes like home,” he tells her, soothed by the cuppa, offered by the kind stranger. The twist at the end is what makes the film so endearing, and makes the proposition of tea come alive.

Saving notes

SBI General insurance’s new light-hearted video campaign #BachatKaShortcut made by Tonic Worldwide gets through the message of investing in health insurance effectively. The series of humorous ads show customers coming up with funny frugal measures to reduce expenses. Rather than these sacrifices, the ads tell you how to save money by saving taxes through health insurance.

Travel benefits

Cleartrip’s new year campaign is a fun set of videos that urges individuals to enjoy the benefits of its flexible and affordable offerings and integrate travel into their lives in 2023. The campaign, comprising three ad films, addresses different generations and what they seek when they travel. It is a quirky take on conventional investment campaigns and ends with a witty one-liner that ‘investing in travel is not subject to market risks’.

CRED does it again

Fintech firm CRED, known for its disruptive advertising, has done it again. It has caught the eye with a series of clever print ads for its Bidblast offering disguised as classifieds. Created by meme marketing agency Youngun, CRED has put these hilariously written mock classifieds in the newspaper. Despite being tucked away, the print ads have gone viral.