Brands are pouring out their love for mothers in myriad ways this fortnight — while most are paying homage to human mothers, a few are taking the opportunity to salute mother earth.

Zomato’s Mazoto

Food delivery app Zomato has come up with a deliciously quirky ode to mothers. Its brand video gives a taste of a food delivery app called Mazoto which is created and managed by mothers. It features an interview of a CMO – Chief Mothers Officer. Of course, mothers will bring in their own pet rewards. Clean room gets a discount coupon as does waking up on time. And there are combo offers for GTT — Ghia Tinda Tori. This is a video that will have you laughing out loud.

Life at Amazon

Amazon too has taken the fun way to pay an ode to mothers. In an engaging video it brings together some of its employees and their mothers. The moms are asked to explain what their children do at Amazon and hilarity ensues with their replies. The ad film has been conceptualised by Kinnect.

Air India’s mom thing

How do moms around the world send off their kids on journeys? Air India has put together a sweet little video of emotional farewells between moms and their children capturing the little things that mothers do — be it packing a favourite food item, giving a lucky charm or doing a small puja.

Comeback your way

Philips India has launched a campaign that talks about the struggles mothers face when attempting a comeback — be it in their careers, passions or social lives. The campaign film features tennis ace Sania Mirza who is shown playing a tennis match against societal factors that have acted as impediments to her comeback as a mother. Throughout the match, Sania’s voiceover addresses the questions and doubts that society has thrown her way. But she responds to each of them with confidence, highlighting the incredible strength and determination of mothers. The film integrates the Philips Avent Breast Pump, as a true companion for all new mothers.

Withstanding wrestlers

Away from Mother’s Day theme films, Urban Ladder’s new ad conceptualised and created by Wunderman Thompson, Bengaluru, features a couple in an Urban Ladder store, contemplating whether to purchase a bed they like. As they ponder, their attention is drawn to the sounds of taiko drums and two sumos charging at each other. They clash and the larger sumo is tossed onto the bed and the other sumo also rolls over him landing on the bed. The couple is delighted to see that the bed does not buckle and remains intact despite the impact.