Brands typically march into March with women’s day campaigns and we have already seen a few get off to an early start on the theme of “inspiring inclusion”.

Rising above narrow vision

Urban Company’s nearly four-minute long ad film on the story of a woman masseuse is a poignant depiction of how some jobs are perceived in society. The film shows her being subjected to difficult questions from her young brother on how she managed to buy a car and the perception of neighbours on her profession. But she wins him over with her poignant and powerful answer — “Everybody can see my new car, but nobody acknowledges the hard work that went into it. Every time a woman takes broad strides, society’s vision gets narrower. We can either move ahead with hard work or be pushed behind by the way society perceives us.” If the film is moving, the way successful women have responded to it on social media has amplified it further. Tennis star Sania Mirza praised the ad, describing how it resonated with her and how she had to rise above the unnecessary focus on her personal life.

Confident femininity

Jewellery brand Platinum Evara’s latest #IGotThis campaign featuring Jemimah Rodrigues carries forward the “Becoming Me” theme it had launched earlier with the cricket icon. It’s a beautiful integration with the Women’s Premier League and celebrates the journey of women in sports and their rising confidence. #IGotThis is a series of candid social media content pieces in which Jemimah bats away doubts using a cricketing metaphor.

On the spot

Himalaya Wellness’ new #TakeMySPOT ad campaign is all about clever wordplay to celebrate the success of women cricketers. The brand which was associated with Royal Challengers Bangalore during the inaugural edition of the Women’s T20 League has announced its continued partnership with the team for this season too. With a rather quirky campaign, Himalaya acknowledges that while no one can take the well deserved spots of cricketers Smriti Mandhana, Richa Ghosh, and Shreyanka Patil, for the unwanted spots on face, there’s Himalaya Dark Spot Clearing Turmeric Face Wash and Face Care Range. As an extension of the #TakeMySPOT campaign, Himalaya is also teaming up with the GoEqual Premier League, to celebrate women’s rightful spot in the realm of football.

Brewing empathy

There is nothing like tea to bring unlikely sets of people together. Hindustan Unilever’s latest Brooke Bond Red Label campaign conceptualised by Ogilvy, shows three people in a train compartment — a woman, a blind man and a rather unprepossessing character, who tries to get friendly. He offers tea to the other two, the woman refuses, but the blind man takes a sniff of the aroma wafting across and accepts. The woman whispers to the blind man why he is trustingly accepting the tea from someone he doesn’t know. His answer bowls her over and the ad closes on all three of them drinking tea.