Advertisers love mothers — after all they wield undue influence in the shopping decision. Millions of ads have been made portraying mothers recommending everything from tea to detergent. So it’s hardly surprising that on Mother’s Day, advertisers are scripting beautiful campaigns effusively celebrating the day.

The maternal instinct

For dairy brand Mother Dairy — which has mother in its name — it was but natural to do a Mother’s Day campaign. But there is a twist. The play is on the protective maternal instinct which can strike anyone, children, colleagues, and friends. The lyrical campaign features a lovely brand anthem penned by Gulzar titled “Mamta Jaisi Shudh, Maa Jaisi Mamta, Mother Dairy, Maa Jaisi” that explores instances where maternal virtues are demonstrated outside traditional mother-child relationships. For instance, a little child lovingly giving an elderly lady ice-cream, a colleague packing a roll for a team-mate who has to rush out for a meeting without lunch. The new campaign, which comes as the brand is celebrating its 50 years, has been created by Ogilvy.

Sibling rivalry

Food delivery platform Swiggy has perfected the art of humorous campaigns. And true to form, its Mother’s Day commercial is a fun campaign featuring a brother and sister who are trying to outdo each other in impressing their mom with gifts . From photo cakes to cupcakes forming the word ‘MOM’, the ad shows the siblings’ efforts to outdo each other in making their mother feel loved. Of course, there is a twist. Suddenly, there is a pizza delivery at the door — which the practical mom has ordered, much to the chagrin of the kids. The film ends with everyone digging into the scrumptious fare laughing heartily.


For Mother’s Day, The Body Shop has launched a video campaign with Diana Penty featuring its British Rose range as the perfect way to pamper and honour the most important woman in our lives. It begins with Diana Penty finding inspiration to craft a textured art piece, evoking memories of her mother delicately shaping a rose through her own artistic expression. As she works through the clay between her hands, memories of her mom’s warm embrace and nurturing touch comes flooding back. Roses are for moms, she claims, cherishing the warmth, softness and bliss that can only resonate from a mother. The film then segues to talk about how the British Rose range, known for its nature-inspired floral touch, can provide a luxurious experience for daughters and mothers alike. It’s an elegantly made film — rosy-hued and pleasingly sentimental.

Gift of time

Titan World’s Mother’s Day campaign is also in a similar sentimental vein. Its theme is the gift of time and the film captures the essence of spending time with the most important woman in your life — your mother. The campaign shows the bond between a son and his mother, with shots of them playing Jenga, among other things, finally culminating in a celebratory surprise at a Titan World Store, where she is gifted a watch. The brand also carries forward the campaign offline offering to create a customised experience for customers wanting to surprise their moms at its shops that are adorned with decorations, cakes and flowers for a vibrant celebration.

A good night’s sleep

Mattress brand Sleepwell has created a special ode to moms who lose their sleep in the pursuit of raising their child, yet do it selflessly. The campaign #SleeplessMoms captures the way mothers sacrifice their sleep while doing stuff for their children. The campaign idea came from the findings of a survey where it was revealed that on average, Indian mothers get 1-2 hours less sleep per night compared to their non-parent counterparts.